All I want for Christmas…

1. Only God can give me this
2. Bronze BCBG shoes
3. Hotwind Round toed pumps in purple or any cute pumps
4. Gucci Envy Me
5. Full, flowing printed skirts (calf length)
6. A trendy, high-collared jacket or sweater
7. Sophisticated, long-sleeved tops
8. Pique shirts in different colors (Preview’s version of a polo shirt)
9. A mod, thick belt thanks A. and C.!
10. A new spacious bag again, thanks A. It’s beeyootiful!
11. Bronze, gold and silver ballet shoes in size 9.

If God gives me number 1, I don’t need the rest. 🙂 Labo, I know. Meaning I’ll trade in everything for number 1.


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