I can feel myself starting to fall off the wagon. Like the horse suddenly stopped dead in mid prance in a threat to push me off. Only, I was able to grab on to the side of the wagon just in time – my feet dangling dangerously close to the floor. Damn Friendster. Damn dream. Damn small world. I’d love to live in the U.S. again so that once you’ve lost touch with someone, the chances of bumping into that person (or anyone he or she is remotely related to) are very, very slim.


5 thoughts on “Ker-plunk

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  1. i want it now!!! hehe… i’ve been unhappy the past year. funny nga kasi when ro noticed that i was finally starting to become happy, biglang blag. nangyari nga yung nangyari. we just can’t have it all can we?


  2. Hi Cris! I’m not sure if you remember me from high school. I was just blog-hopping, chanced upon your site and was just so glad to find another ssc bloggger. I kinda saw in some posts that you lost your mom just recently… I’m so sorry to hear about that. I lost my mom to Cancer 4 years ago and it was not very easy dealing withe her loss, and the losses of other loved ones(my dog died, I went through a difficult break-up, and lost some friends)as well, but I can say, I may have come out a lot stronger than how I was before. Stay strong and Goodluck!


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