What’s up doc?

Searching for that perfect doctor is like looking for the elusive one true love. In all of my 24 years, I have not yet met a doctor that has struck me with his professional capabilities. Which explains why I’ve never stuck with one doctor ever. I keep moving and switching, in hopes of finding one that I can truly trust. I hate it when you go in for a consultation and they’re NEVER sure of what’s wrong with you. Or atleast, they never seem sure. They speak in slooooww, monotonous tones, as if inventing their words as they go along. Is this something they teach in med school?

Or…maybe we’ve put so much faith in these doctors that we forget that they are human too. All this came into perspective while sprawled on a dentist’s chair yesterday morning to have my popping jaw checked. Ever since I had my wisdom teeth extracted, my jaw has been popping every time I chew. It wasn’t really bothersome until my jaw started to lock in mid-chew when it’d get too stressed out. I wasn’t quite satisfied with my dentist’s remedy. She wanted me to apply a hot compress every time it’d act up. Then, without so much as telling me what she was doing, she started cleaning my teeth. Quite a surprise as I was only expecting a consultation. Oh well. I was just about due for a cleaning anyway. So, sitting there, quite disappointed that my search for that elusive perfect doctor has yet to end, I realized that maybe… we expect too much out of these doctors. Or maybe, the problem is that now, the field of medicine has too many specializations, unlike say, 20 years ago when aspiring doctors had to go through 10 years of studies because they had to know the human body inside out. Go to one doctor and he could tell what was wrong with your eyes, your nose, your heart, your liver, your lungs (and so on). Now, go to a GP complaining of vertigo and he’ll endorse you to a doctor specializing in stomach sicknesses. Then, if he can’t find a solution, he’ll tell you to go to a neurologist…or whatever. Medicine is too branched out. But, who am I to judge right?

I can feel it… this is going to be another…INTERESTING year. Better interesting than horrid. 🙂


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