The shoe-paholic in me strikes again.

My shoe fetish is starting to become unhealthy. Galleria is holding a 3-day sale and I promised myself I wouldn’t go around to avoid temptation. Good thing I’m swamped with work because I only had time to sneak out and get lunch before wrestling getting down to business. But, I kind of fell into a trance on the way out of the office and some forceful magnet lured me towards Schu. My eyes zeroed in on a pair of metallic brown flats and then the pink pumps I’ve been eyeing for months. Then a pair of bronze shoes caught my attention. Thinking that I might find something better at VNC, I hopped on the escalator that would take me to the thrid floor and suddenly, I found myself trying to keep my stride in check – I didn’t want to look like some desperate shoe-fanatic in case my legs break out into a run. VNC, as at every sale, slashed 50% off some of their stuff. Rushing back to Schu, I passed Naf Naf’s display window and a beautiful, multi-colored pair of pumps caught my eye – and my breath. Fleetingly, a thought crossed my mind: when you start to gasp inwardly at the sight of shoes, you’re in trouble. I ended up buying the flats from Schu, but the guilt that ripped through my heart was scary! I literally felt like such a bad person for yet again, purchasing something impulsively.

I’m such a shoe-paholic that I window shop even in the office. My favorite shoe fashion icons being Preview’s Joanna Francisco and Pauline Juan. It’s a good thing Pauline doesn’t notice, but I love passing by her cubicle just to catch a glimpse of what fabulous pair of shoes her feet are donning. I love her printed pumps, all from Hotwind, I think. Today, I almost embarrassed myself again when I walked by her station and gasped at her feet. “Beautiful Shoes!” I yelped.

There’s something about the way a shoe is designed that is so artistic. The slant of the heel, the curve of the toe, the way your feet instantly look gazillion times better. Accessories for the feet. I adore a good pair of shoes so much that sometimes, I feel like my pupils are starting to shape themselves into a pair of shoes.

And, boy, has my has my writing deteriorated. This definitely isn’t the best way to take into account my love of shoes.


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