The Shoe-paholic strikes again!

The shoe demon has attacked once again. I was feeling pretty good about containing my shopping urges. We were at Bayo Glorietta yesterday for the Seventeen Favorite Model Search event and I was dangerously coveting a black bag which costs roughly P1600. I had it slung over my shoulder and I was so ready to take it to the counter when my rational side came over me and made me put the bag back on the rack. I went to the bathroom and came back sans the desire for the bag. Yay!

The event ended on a good note except for the vehicle mishap, which left us four PR girls roaming the halls of Glorietta, torturing Mica and her beaten feet. So there we were, making a ruckus in the middle of the Quad when I turn and catch a glimpse of a huge “SALE!” sign hanging in the window of Nine West. I freak out. But, Mica is too tired to walk all that way. Thanks goodness. Or so I think.

So, I slept at a friends house and had to borrow a whole outfit from her sister. But I couldn’t find shoes to match. Clad in my borrowed outfit and a very displaced pair of Havaianas, I made my way to work, determined to buy a pair of gold banig slippers which only costs P180. I even teased myself a little and checked VNC and Wade (which was having a sale), knowing that I wasn’t interested in purchasing anything over P180.

Until I reached 50th Avenue and I realized that the stores which carried the banig slippers were still closed. Panicking, I made a mad dash for the escalators and found myself at Nine West Galleria. Drooling over shelves of discounted pairs of shoes. All bug-eyed and dizzy from the rush. I had the saleslady take out several pairs in my size until I finally settled on a pair of lush, green peep-toed sandals.

I knew I was drowning in guilt when I crept back into the office, leaving the Nine West shopping bag in one corner so that no one would notice my purchase (I was already wearing the shoes). And then I sat in a daze at my desk, realizing what I had just done. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, I know, but the whole thing just happened so fast and the feeling was unfortunately, all too familiar. Right then and there, I wanted to hop in a cab, speed over to the neares Shopaholics Anonymous Center (but it doesn’t exist), confess my purchase and once again resolve to stay away from those evil accesories called shoes. But there’s no such thing. So now I just have to live in guilt, wondering if I’ll ever be able to curb this shoe shopping obsession.

2 thoughts on “The Shoe-paholic strikes again!

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  1. i wouldn’t be much of a counselor though. imagine someone running to me, sobbing. “I just bought a pair of pink bcbg shoes at 50% off. And I want to buy another fabulously bronze pair”Me: Are they good for accessorizing? Go and buy it, you won’t find anything like it. You’re actually investing.Patay!


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