Floating towards nowhere

It’s angst time again! Have you ever experienced hanging in mid-air? Not knowing whether to go up or down? Or ever been on an endless road, driving and driving, not knowing where you’re going to yet you know you’re going somewhere significant?

Self-centered. Since when have I become this? Was I always like this? Definitely, I only noticed recently. Well, a few months back. I don’t want it to be all about me anymore. But, I don’t know how to reverse that.

State of confusion. State of not knowing what is to be. That is me. Is this what they call going through a quarter-life crisis?

Nothing is worse than not knowing… having no direction… not anything. Not knowing how to feel, where to go, what to do, what to be. Nothing is worse than floating.

My days with them are numbered and it saddens me deeply.


2 thoughts on “Floating towards nowhere

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  1. Hm… well, maybe there are other horizons we are being called for. In the same manner, I also had the hard time leaving my family from the former office but still being a lot attached to them even if I am not working with them anymore. It may mean to leave a certain job but the friendship will remain intact. At some point heart-breaking but by keeping them as friends, I can say I am fulfilled. Rock on Kris! —->Vanessa U @ issachootchie.blogspot.com


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