Au revoir Summit

My first job. Summit Media. It seemed so long ago when I first started working here. With the powerhouse team that was comprised of Treena, Frances, Ro and the new addition – me. I am now sitting at my desk for the very last time. The last time I’ll ever touch these keyboards, sit on this chair, swipe in for and out of work. It hasn’t sunken in yet. My disappointment over the loss of World Vision came even before I feel any sadness over the loss of Summit, but I know I will feel it once I’m finally gone. This.Was.My.Life. For two years, 5 months and 15 days, this was what my life revolved around. And soon, I’ll be working with strangers, at a completely new place. And I feel…blank. It’s not because I don’t care about Summit or that I don’t love the people I work with (in 34 minutes, the correct tense would be “used to work with”). It’s just that, it’s quite difficult to fathom that I will no longer be a Summiteer. I discovered so many things about myself in this place. I unearthed so many surprises about myself. Kris, the loner and anti-socialite, became a full-blown PR person. One who uninhibitingly (is there such a word?) chatted up every press person left and right and developed new (and hopefully lasting) friendships with them. Amazing.

Flashback: Melissa and I were standing outside Toto Labrador’s studio more than a year ago when she shared with me how amazed she was that I could chat up the MTV crew just like that. She also divulged how worried she was at how well she’d fare at that, seeing as that she didn’t know how to ‘PR’ herself. And I remember telling her that it wasn’t always easy for me. And sometimes, I still struggle with that. Now, I see how fantastic she is at her job. And it reminded me of me. How I never thought I could do this, but did.

I will miss this place so much, I know I will. How many times have I sat at my desk, typing away all my troubles and into my blog? How many times have I walked around this mall with Ro as an attempt to detoxify ourselves? How many times have I taken a TV crew through the office to interview and editor? How many late nights have I spent slaving over a deadline? How many offices do you know of that doesn’t practice crab mentality AT ALL? How many offices can you find that houses officemates who will support you in all your endeavors? Who will root for you when you get promoted and not try to keep success away from you?

Things have changed so much in the span of 2 years, 5 months and 15 days. This Summit is not the same Summit I initially fell in love with, but as time progresses, I continue to fall in love with it for all its transformations.

How do I feel aside from missing the place and the people? I absolutely don’t know. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. I just hope I don’t do it while lying helpessly at home, pining over what I let go.

Here’s to a new life. Good bye Summit.

You will always…be.


6 thoughts on “Au revoir Summit

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  1. KRIS ): I’m sad that you’re leaving, but happy because I got to meet you! Imagine, parang ikaw pa naging tulay ko to get here. (: I will always be grateful. And yeah, we’ll keep in touch for sure! Even if we won’t get to see each other, we’ll always have our blogs. Haha! Good luck, Kris!


  2. oh my gahleh. ngayon ko lang nabasa to! thanks for everything! πŸ˜€and that thing about me…i think we should let all the PR newcomers know/read this. we all start somewhere. PR skills can be achieved over time and experience, right?


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