The sensation of being jobless is quite strange. For the first time since 2002, I am not doing anything at all. I’m still letting it all sink in, which is why I’m not out job hunting yet. I was on my way home from Shangrila Mall (lunch with Liz, Ingrid, Mica, Melissa and Cris followed by some solo strolling around the mall) and took the MRT when I realized that for once in 4 years, I’m not jumping around trying to do multiple things at once. I’m not catching up on sleep on whatever mode of transportation I’m on, not catching up on bible readings, or reading magazine bibles. I wasn’t texting the press – basta, all the things I usually do while on the move to save time for when I’m in the office and have to attend to something else. Here are more signs that I’m officially unemployed:

1. I’m not rummaging around my bag to make sure my two phones haven’t been snatched. I returned my office phone, so know I’m just checking on one phone unit.
2. I’m back to commuting. Jeeps, buses, MRT, you name it. But no expensive cabs for me.
3. I am actually doing pretty well at restraining myself from buying anything unnecessary. Even a Ki-ka bar.
4. I’m drooling for Mister Kebab but it stops there. I can’t go out on a whim and grab special cielos to eat on my meager savings. Okay, exag but I’m so scared I’ll run out of money!!!
5. I slept in the afternoon.
6. I am actually able to catch dinner at home.
7. I’m already bored to death.

I miss the small things though. Lounging around the house, not having to multi-task to get things done. I can understand how stay-at-home mothers might like not having to work. It’s nice to focus on household duties without having to sweat over work deadlines, preparing for pow-wows and doing damage control.

I took a nap and ended up dreaming about World Vision again. And my being unemployed. And with an overflowing bladder. So I walked to the bathroom half asleep and discovered that someone forgot to flush the toilet after doing number 2. So just to make it vivid for you, the toilet resembled a murky, mini-lake. I reached over to flush the toilet when I noticed the shit trashing around wildly. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Shit moving? Then I saw two beady eyes looking helplessy at me, pleading for my rescue. And I realized that THAT was no moving shit, but a hamster-sized rat swimming in feces! He was fighting the whirlpool-like current of the toilet flush and since our flushing power is very weak, he didn’t go down at all. We eventually got him out of there and thoroughly disinfected the bowl, but still. That was a weird moment. All the more when I realized that I actually found the whole scene cute for a moment there. Or I found the rat cute. Kasi naman he was soaking wet so naka slick back yung hair niya. Para siyang naka brush up.

Weird first day unemployed.


4 thoughts on “Bum=Me

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  1. hey, Kris! yeah contentment’s the word. (:pero being a bum for a while isn’t so bad, ha. I was like that for almost a year and I have no regrets. hahaha! (: buhay baboy to the max ako after grad. d:


  2. Macy: As long as I’m not unemployed for long! 🙂 I need to eat! HeheRo: Aww… namimiss ko na yung mga laugh trip natin. When I sleep over we better laugh till we keel over (planado? Hehe). Hey, you going to the bachelor bash?


  3. hey krissy-kris!! Weird not seeing you around summit anymore. :/ Yaks na-picture ko yung “rat in feces”…eeeew!! How can a rat in feces look cute??PS: Hey i’m not on your links! 😦


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