Living by the seaside

“Na2pad dn ang pangarap natn 2 live by d beach. Amoy dagat na kc d2 sa kwarto. Hehe.” – Cara

I am sitting on my bed, surveying the damage the floodwater has done to our room. Considering, we haven’t lost much, aside from the bottom drawers, a matress, a Stunk & White book and the most valuable loss – possible damage to my late mom’s Kitchen-Aid. Already, I feel a sense of emptiness, like there was an invasion. The room reeks of a damp dungeon and who knows what unimaginable being is laying dead in the nooks and crannies of our room. Magnify this feeling a thousandfold and you might get a glimpse of what flood victims have to endure. Homes, valuable life possesions, every single known belonging that symbolizes a part of one’s life just snatched away when you aren’t looking. Luckily, Cara, the only person home that night, had the time to react and salvage what she could. But what about those whose homes were submerged in the blink of an eye. What great mourning for such loss. And here I am, irked to the bone because I now have to clean up and do damage control.

I was looking for Globelines requirements which I put on a MS Word Document when I came across something I researched before PST. This was supposed to be my position at World Vision. Please help me pray that I find the right NGO for me. I really liked this specialization too.

Social Marketing
Social marketing is the planning and implementation of programs designed to bring about social change using concepts from commercial marketing. Among the important marketing concepts are:

The ultimate objective of marketing is to influence action;
Action is undertaken whenever target audiences believe that the benefits they receive will be greater than the costs they incur;
Programs to influence action will be more effective if they are based on an understanding of the target audience’s own perceptions of the proposed exchange;
Target audiences are seldom uniform in their perceptions and/or likely responses to marketing efforts and so should be partitioned into segments;
Marketing efforts must incorporate all of the “4 Ps,” i.e.:
Create an enticing “Product” (i.e., the package of benefits associated with the desired action);
Minimize the “Price” the target audience believes it must pay in the exchange;
Make the exchange and its opportunities available in “Places” that reach the audience and fit its lifestyles;
Promote the exchange opportunity with creativity and through channels and tactics that maximize desired responses;
Recommended behaviors always have competition which must be understood and addressed;
The marketplace is constantly changing and so program effects must be regularly monitored and management must be prepared to rapidly alter strategies and tactics.

Erratum: in my previous entry, i said that the mouse trashed wildly. I meant thrashed.


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  1. shet, binaha din kami. di alam ng nanay ko kung pauuwiin niya ba ako, or what (I was out with…). kasi baha sa bahay, pano naman ako papasok? haha! naloka siya ng slight. 😛


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