Christmas is just around the bend!

Because I am currently jobless, I have nothing to write about these days. Because I have nothing to write about and being jobless equals no dough, I am going to put down my Christmas Wish List. Then, hopefully, I’ll find something to write about.

1. Top Shop cap sleeved basic tees
(I can’t believe I’m drawing a blank after listing down number 1. What is happening to the world?!?)
2. After much thought, I’m still drawing a blank. Ahh… new books to add to my very very small collection
3. A foot spa
4. New shoes will always be on the list
5. The perfect job

Except for number 5, that list was WEAK!!! My brain has completely turned into mush! The only thing that makes life exciting right now is Max, the doggy I inherited from Ro. He’s special. He makes our hearts melt. That and Grey’s Anatomy but I’m done with season two now.

What else, what else. Good gosh. I have nothing to write about because my life has been so blah lately. I better end this. Hay.


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