My highs.

It is a clear indication that your English is deteriorating when 1) you have trouble finding the right word to describe the quality of your English and 2) you say “kasi” in the middle of a sentence while talking to a foreigner. Which is why I’ve decided to take on more writing assingments and to speak straight English in order to perfect the language I grew up with. Today, I interviewed the president of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. I think I’ve found a new mentor in her. Not only is she well-versed, kind and empowered, she also has that motherly touch to her. Melissa mentioned earlier today that she thinks that Madame President was named one of Marie Claire’s Women of the Year. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were. She’s also the President of the Soroptimist Internation of the Americas, an organization whcih advocates women’s rights. Their scope is so largely extensive that I think I’ve found the women’s organization I want to beling to. Since the focus of the article is on the GSP, a great revelation came to me. With that in mind, let me urge everyone to get their little sisters to join the club. The GSP is such a formidable force in shaping today’s young girls into future leaders that a person with so many issues such as myself vehemently wishes for the clock to turn back to my childhood days so that I could have remained active in the GSP. I would’ve turned out to be a more confident, self-reliant and truly fearless woman today. (Of course, now I’m learning how to be one with God’s help).
Build the proper foundation and you will get an indestructible monument. The GSP takes its members and turns them into well-rounded young ladies. So now, God has opened doors for me. I feel that I am truly embarking on my journey into the NPO/NGO world.
Prior to that meeting, I dropped by Summit to borrow a tape recorder from Frances. Hours later, I stood at the top of the elevator of my favorite hangout, waiting for a friend when a wave of nostalgia overcame me. I realized how much I miss Summit. It truly is a wonderful place to work. The members of the Summit fmily are so secure about themselves as individuals that there is harldy any crab mentality going on. Everyone supports each one’s endeavors and applauds their success. Everytime I visit Summit, I receive warm greetings. It is ultimately the most positive environment anyone could ever ask for. I can say that I am truly blessed to have been given the chance to first experience the working world in such a supportive environment.
And as another clear indication of my deteriorating writing skills, I will improperly end this blog with this sentence. I won’t even bother to carefully bridge the previous paragraph to a proper conclusion.

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