Blues blues are Sunday’s hues

I don’t know what it is about Sundays that always get me down. I think a lot of people may have this little ailment called “Sunday Blues”. Maybe it’s the coming work week or perhaps the unusual quiet that the day brings. I woke up this afternoon without a soul in the house and the eerie quiet unsettled me. I suppose I should start doing something differently on Sundays, like taking the dogs out for a walk, or going to the mall with my sister. Thing is, now that I have work every Sunday morning, I feel so darned tired.

This makes me thing about Sundays as a child. Back in the day, people worked Mondays to Fridays, sometimes Saturdays, but never on Sundays. Now, most of the workforce has to sacrifice their Sundays to get the job done. I wonder, in a few years, will people be working on Christmas too? Oops, I think we’ve already reached that point.

So I got to thinking… where would I not be sad on Sundays? If I can think of one place, maybe I will devote my life to moving there.

I was talking to an acquaintance the other day about Batanes and how rustic things are there. I think that would be a bit too provincial for me and I’d probably be driven much farther down the road of depression. This made my thoughts fly to Cagayan de Oro, the only province I ever called my own, even if it’s really not. I was reminded of leisurely Sundays at the farm.

Although I love the atmosphere of Magic Farms, I think the quiet would eventually drive me insane after a few weeks there. Then… THEN I think of the beach. And not just any beach. Boracay how it was about five years ago. I think, if I got the chance to work there, I think I would be blissfully happy. The beach has always been my sanctuary, but there’s something about the calm blue water and the powder-fine white sand of Boracay that just makes me feel so complete.

Where would you want to spend yourSundays?


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