Hate Late! Love Food!

Today, I got to eat my favorite food. It’s like it’s my birthday instead of my baby bro’s. We had spaghetti, my Lola’s special recipe fried chicken, and pizza. To our surprise, we found alimasag on the table, too!
I was buying the pizza so I got to choose. My favorite pizza brand ever, prior to discovering S&R’s, is Pizza Hut. I lalalalalove their stuffed crust wonders. So, for BB’s (baby bro) early beeday celeb, I decided to go with the glorious multiple-cheese cheesy volcano. After I ordered, I felt somewhat regretful. Maybe I should’ve order from Yellow Cab. Would’ve fed alot more people. My family and I are gluttonous. We can eat like three to four slices apiece, even the girls. But with the size of Pizza Hut’s pizza’s, we’d have to limit ourselves to two each. Bah, I thought. Winner naman ang pizza nila. So imagine my joy when I discovered three boxes on the dining table! The order came three measly minutes late so they said we were privvy to a free box. Imagine that! I love this kind of service. McDonald’s is CONSTANTLY late. Like an hour after they promised delivery, the rider still has not left the branch. And do you see any kind of consolation? Nope. Not even a bag of soggy fries. So this is great. I love Pizza Hut!
Now the cake. Since I’m in charge of buying BB’s cake, I get to choose which store to get it from. And you know what, it’s really better with a Red Ribbon. More often than not, I cross paths with Goldilocks. I learned a trick from my friend May-Ann, when you come across dry cake. Mash it like mashed potato or baby food so that the icing moistens the cake. Otherwise, I’d be hacking and coughing on those dry bits. Red Ribbon cakes are so moist and creamy and soft that even their choco bars can pass as bits of cake. This Chocolate Fudge Cake just slid down our throats with ease. Yummmm!

That’s Baby Bro right there. Happy 21st Birthday Poch!
I think Alimango is waaay over rated. What I really love is alimasag. I think the difference is that the alimango is fresh water and the alimasag is salt-water. It’s meatier and juicier. This is what we had today, too. A bit out of place in the midst of all the carbs, but hey, who’s complaining?
What I’m not loving: difficulty to connect any other device to Blackberry using bluetooth. What gives?

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