Who Would’ve Thought? Sprung on J.Biebs! Thought I’d die first before this happened.

I had to wait for the right time to blog about this because I really need time to internalize and all. This is one of my last weeknights off. Last Sunday, I was given the chance to watch this:

Courtesy of Wave 89.1
Now, remember the song, “Baby”? Totally annoyed the freck out of me. I hated that Bieber kid. Didn’t want anything to do with him. Hated hearing the song too. My Bieber wrath kept anyone from my old workplace from so much as humming “Baby”. Then, he came out with “Someone to Love”. Here’s the thing with me and songs. I’ll like…nay, LOVE! a song, but never be able to get the lyrics right, nor keep the title or the artist in mind. So I went and loved this song, then realized that it’s a Bieber tune. So, I think, “Okay, so one song is good. He’s still so emo with that god-awful hair, such an Aaron and Nick Carter (who I absolutely hate), he’s such a plastic – something manufactured and packaged to a tee that you start to resent him. Kind of like a male Barbie doll”. You think that everything about him is strategically crafted that it’s sickening. But then, my sister plays “You Smile” round-the-clock at home, and I fall in love with it. I’m like, “I guess he’s not so bad”. Then, my sis starts tweeting about him and how she can’t believe that she’s becoming a “Belieber”. And I inwardly laugh at her dorkiness. Then, I get those two VIP passes and my sis totally freaks out and little by little, I start to take interest.
Come movie day, opening credits start rolling, I look to my right and see tears streaming down my tough-a*s, suplada, sungit, taray, *itchy, heartless sister’s face. As in, the girl whom my friends are afraid of. Friends who are atleast 3 years older than her. Crying. Over the Bieb. So I just watch along and then find myself pulling out my hanky. I’m crying too! As in, an almost-30 year old woman, sniffling, blubbering, over the Bieb. I’m that touched by Justin Bieber. He’s so endearing, charming, heartwarming. He’s the right amount of handsome, kindhearted, and pilyo (he loves roughhousing and pulling pranks. He’s actually like a little, better looking Ashton Kutcher). I’ve also never italicized so many words in one entire entry, in my entire life. That’s how much emotion I have for this Bieber kid. Soon, I find myself Googling and YouTubing videos of JB. (I’m also told a fellow former JB-hater bought tickets to his May Manila concert the day after she watched NSN3D. The movie is that powerful). So if it’s a marketing ploy that they released this movie here at this time, two months prior to the concert, even if NSN3D has long aired in other countries, then I’ve gotta give it to them. They know exactly what they’re doing. This is exactly what they need to do to pump up ticket sales for the concert.
Just look at those big, round, brown eyes
Okay, so here goes. A dozen reasons why I love Bieber. It might charm you, too:
1. His hair is not some emo-marketing ploy. He’s had that bowl cut since who-knows-when. All the image guys did was shape it. Once you know that it’s not deliberate and kind of something he grew up with, it’s less annoying.
2. His new songs were probably written to gain a following (same ingredients to annoy many), but hear him sing “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette, “You Got It Bad” by Usher, and “So Sick” by Ne-Yo and you’ll be a Belieber.
3. The kid has perfect pitch. For someone who has never had training. Some people, even on AI, you’ll hear them sing and they can sing, albeit off-tune. JB just hits it right on the note.
4. His mom follows him wherever he goes, but never tries to snatch some limelight (unlike LiLo’s or Britney’s mom). She’s always guiding Justin to be a better man.
5. On Oprah, he said that he ever told his mom, “You can’t ground me, I’m Justin Bieber”, she would slap him right on the face. Grounded. That’s what he is.
6. His grandfather watches his concerts in a pair of shorts. So adorable.
7. Their house is still a humble little thing.
8. He still loves Spider Man.
9. His best friend, Ryan, travels with him ALL.THE.TIME. No fake hometown friends here. He’s got the real thing.
10. So grounded and down-to-earth. Wait, did I already say that?
11. He’s great with the little kids. He immediately goes up to them and hugs them.
12. He’s got natural charm. You have to if you’re gonna sing to Usher, stop in the middle of the song and tease, “Are you gonna sing with me or what?”
Just try, try, try something new and you’ll find yourself falling in love with this kind-hearted, God-fearing sweetheart. Even tough guys are converted. Unless….you’re….afraid?!?
So aside from Justin Bieber, what am I loving today? M&M’s peanut butter! A worthy substitute to my all-time fave, Reese’s Pieces. And because I’m gluttonous, I ate not one…..
But two!
No wonder I’m nearing the 160-pound mark. All that jogging I did earlier? Wiped out!
Which brings to mind…another thing I love? Running! But that’s for another entry.
Me lemming for this:
The case, not the BB. Although I wouldn’t mind a new BB Bold, if someone were to give it to me. We need to have more Blackberry Case options here.
What are you loving today?

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