I’m having a heart attack. Almost literally. My Internet is so fast that it’s real-time! By this I mean, when I click on a link, the page appears immediately! I’m so elated that I don’t know which page I want to click on first! We’ve had slow-as-dial-up Internet for as long as I remember, even though we’re on PLDT DSL. We pay monthly fees for nothing. Buti pa PLDT, kumikita ng walang effort. The rest of us have to kayod, kayod, kayod for our daily wages. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve started listing pages I’ve wanted to view in my head and then going over to an Internet shop just to see them. To test the speed, I opened http://www.chuvaness.com, and it opened in 5 seconds! Usually, it’ll take about 10 minutes to get the page to load. PLUS, the photos on her page usually don’t come out at all. This time, I was able to view it right away! Which was great because the BB contest finalists came out. And not so great because I’m not one of them. šŸ˜¦

So anyway, let’s speed test this mudrapadre and see how fast this baby is. (SmartBro)
I know for many, this is slow, but that’s how non-existent our Internet is that this is heaven compared. I can’t SpeedTest PLDTDSL because as usual, there’s no Internet.
PLDT DSL, close up shop! SmartBro, you rock! Yes, I know they’re from the same mother company. And now that Smart has partly acquired Sun, which has the best broadband EVER, maybe it’s time for PLDT DSL to retire.

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