New Aluminum Roof for Josie and Dina!

My heart is bursting with joy. Josie came down to tell me that her dad called, sobbing on the phone. They’ve received the money and is sooooo thankful. Makakatulog na daw sila. Josie’s sister-in-law was also crying. With a newborn in the house, I can imagine how scared she was that the baby might get sick because exposed sya sa elements. Josie said that it was a good thing that the family was able to descend from the first floor agad, right before the nipa roof caved in. Some of their neighbors got hurt nung mabagsakan ng bubong.

Josie said that her dad said babawi nalang daw sya sa akin. Sabi ko, hindi na kailangan bumawi. To be honest, one of the major reasons why I love this family is because they love Clyde and Max so much. That and they’re the kind of people we help at Habitat. Those who work hard so that they can have a better future. Hindi yung asa nalang ng asa sa iba. And unlike other helpers, when Josie and Dina take the day or the week or two weeks off, like Dina is doing now, they come back when they say they will. Sanay kasi ako na ibang help, two to three days late ang uwi na wala man lang pasabi. They keep you guessing, ba. Anyway, I digress. So part of the reason I like helping them out is because they know how to help themselves. They have great values, work hard, and are determined to have a better life. In a country where the impoverished keep spitting out kids like there’s no tomorrow, Dina once told me that having Andre is enough because she wants her kid/s to have a good life. If she has too many or they don’t practice family planning, they will suffer the same plight as she and her siblings do now.
So, Josie tells me on her way out the door, “Sa wakas. Makakatulog na din ako ng mahimbing ngayon gabi”. Like Dina, they were wrought with worry about their family. Nipa is scarce to find now since the bagyo ruined the supply, so Democrito’s going to buy yero for their house. I’m happy because this will give them sturdier shelter. After years of having leaves over their heads, they’re finally going to have something stronger. Their kamote crop was ruined too, but aside from that, they are safe.
I know this entry sounds like I’m bragging about the good work that I did. I guess I’m just really proud that even if I’m short on cash, I was still able to help people I love. That, and I really want to encourage others to show acts of kindness to the people around them, especially to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. I guess with this entry, I just wanted to show an example of how a little goes a long way. Many of us, many of my peers and friends on Facebook are not uber rich, but compared to these people, we are so blessed. The little things we don’t value, like old shirts or shoes, 100 pesos, 200 pesos, mean so much to them. Let’s try to put things into perspective so that we can give what we can to those in need. Minsan, the things we take for granted, can make their entire world.

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