I’m lovin’….

It’s time to count our blessings!

Encountering a little something stressful so early in the morning so good to counter it with something positive.

I’m loving several things these days. One of which is (ahem, ahem, shameless plug) Immuvit. Okay, so the past few years, I’ve been feeling lethargic, no energy, always tired, even if I get enough hours sleep. I didn’t quite know why it was that way, figured that I’d probably just chalk it up to laziness. Then, when I started my new job and had to research about Immuvit, I discovered that when we hit the somatopause stage, which is the 30s and up, we start to really feel our age. Now, I guess I’ve had an early case of this, since I’ve been feeling tired since my mid 20’s, but all of a sudden, I realized that maybe I’m lethargic because of my age. So I thought I’d try Immuvit, which has the powerful ingredients of Siberian and Korean ginseng packed with CoQ10. Basically, it helps beat the signs of aging and helps you be able to cruise your hectic schedule and activity-filled day. Okay, so I try it, and lemme tell you, it is awesome! I don’t feel tired anymore, my body doesn’t feel so heavy and I’m more, well, ALIVE! Ask my officemates. I’ll even have bursts of hyperness throughout the day. I mean, I really sensed a change in my wellness. My friend, E., tried it before me and she actually was the extra push that made me try Immuvit. She told me that her back didn’t hurt as much and her nape wasn’t heavy. She felt lighter everyday and wasn’t so tired.

Next up, this awesome lip balm I found online. Now, I’m really really picky with lip balm. It’s one thing I can’t live without and the only brand that’s worked for me in the past is Chapstick. Then I discovered Carmex which was just heavenly. Then one day about two months ago, I got it into my head that I want something cinnamon-y, ala Altoids or Starbucks Cinnamon mints. I lov e Cinnamon and thought it’d be awesome to be able to smell the scent every hour of the day. It totally relaxes me. So I googled it and found Red Hots (as in the candy in the U.S.) in Cinnamon. As with flavored balms, there’s always a risk that you’ll get something that tastes like wax, but I took the chance anyway and am now waiting for my second tube as back up! (Note to everyone: if there’s something you absolutely love, make sure to get a back-up because it’ll most likely get discontinued unless it’s something as common as Chapstick). This lippie is so awesome because it stays on the whole day and keeps your lips completely moisturized. Some balms, like Nivea or Smackers, dries up right away and I find that it dries up my lip more than it moisturizes. Plus, it’s got grains of Cinnamon which exfoliates your smackers. At the end of the day, your lips are so smooth! Red Hots Cinnamon is by Lotta Luv from New York

Staying fit was so easy when you were liable. When I was in college and still played basketball, I was accountable to my teammates and to my school to religiously attend practice. Now that there are no people to let down but myself, it’s been hard to keep getting up at 6 in the morning to run. Or to dress up to go to U.P for a jog. So I’m thankful that I discovered MTV’s Power Yoga and Pilates.

Now, I can get fit without having to get dressed, worry about manyaks whistling at me, or cars running me down. And I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m leaving my dogs behind and wasting time that I could spend with them. Now they just watch me and bark at me while I do Pilates or Yoga. Can’t wait to try “Insanity”, given to me by my friend V.R.

That’s it for new. New things in my life that I love. And of course, my new job. J Tell you more about that some other time.

How about you? What’s keeping you happy these days?


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