Anong masama sa malas?

Disclaimer: This entry may cause some violent reactions.

24 July 2011

I like today’s sermon. What I’m about to write is just a small piece of a bigger picture. A segment or “bullet point”. A part of the message is about mixing two schools of thought. The image that appears on the white screen is:


You know how some people say “Wala namang mawawala kapag…” or “Wala namang mangyayaring masama kapag sinunod ko…” in relation to following superstitions, chain letters, horoscopes, etc.

Well, you know, you DO lose something. It DOES have a negative effect. What happens when we rely on these earthly, manmade superstitions is that we don’t put all of our faith in God.

Aminin mo. Hindi ba when you give in to these superstitions it’s because “naninigurado” ka na hindi nga “mamamatay” ang loved one mo or hindi ka “mamalasin“? Bakit mo kailangan manigurado? Wala ka bang tiwala sa Diyos? When you follow superstitions, you’re putting your faith on a letter, a piece of paper, a forwarded text. Whatever it is, you’re putting your faith on something that is NOT God. And that can be very damaging. It damages your relationship with God, it damages your faith. Superstitions and your succumbance to it creates fear in your heart, and fear is never from the Lord. It creates lies in your head.
Maybe for some, following superstitions have been more of second nature, something in which not much thought has been put. So this is a little something you can think about and ponder on and see if you agree or disagree. Then let me know what you think.

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