Goodbye sumpa sa birthday

05 August 2011

When I think about the first day of my 5-day birthday celebration, the first thing that comes to mind is this:

This is what I loved most about my first birthday dinner. My best friend Ro treated me to a dinner at Sambokojin where my beach diet was totally annihilated. I haven’t eaten at a buffet in a long time so I totally enjoyed the beef. Of course, I love raw fish so I gobbled down the sashimi and maki in an instant.

But what really got my vote were the:
1. Shrimps! Cooked to perfection.
2. Chap chae. Sweet and an instant umay-buster.
3. The friendly and helpful waiters. I felt like a princess!
I discovered something. I’m on a no-rice diet, but that’s hard to follow when you go home and the viands are limited. So at Sambokojin, I took full advantage of the endless supply of “ulam” and did without the rice. And I realized that I liked food better without rice because you can totally savor the flavor of the “ulam”. Rice tends to dilute the flavor. In some cases, though, that’s a good thing.
So that’s the first night of my birthday celebration. A thought on the topic of my birthday. It’s the first time in a long time that I’m not dreading my birthday and actually made plans to celebrate it. I’m happy that my perspective on that has changed.
Tonight, dinner with the Saltiks. It’s going to be a crazy one! Can’t wait!

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