A Saltik Birthday

Okay, I spoke to soon. After my birthday dinner with Ro, the next time kind of took a turn for the worst and resulted in me shedding buckets of tears.

That’s alright. It righted itself soon after. I’ve been wanting to get my Taft friends to hang out with me on Katipunan because the memories I have of Katipunan need to be updated.

I kept teasing Eyjay and Mhie na nakaabang na ang mga bubugbog sakanila. Haha.

I know how much trouble these friends went to be with me on my birthday and let me do what I wanted. My place of celebration was far from where they were and they were stuck in the chaos of a rainy Friday night and a broken MRT. Yet, they still pushed on. That means a lot to me because one, one of them is a total brat and I kind of expected her to bail out last minute. But she didn’t. She loves me that much. (Peace Mhie! haha) And I love her for that. And I love Jay for staying up with us during their inuman (they drank I didn’t), even after a very hard day at work and a long, early day the following morning.

I loved that Cricket withstood her twisting tummyache and that Eyjay made lagare from Ortigas to QC to Ortigas just so that Phepper and TJ could join us. And of course, I’m totally grateful to Len for braving hunger, traffic and the rain (plus my temper tantrum). I’ve got the best friends ever! (Leading the pack is my best bud Ro).

Here’s to the Saltik Crew, who all scored 99s on the videoke machine (Oh, except for Mhie, who scored a zero at one point).

Haha. I also loved all the videos they sent me! I’m still waiting for yours, Cricket. Can’t wait for next week! It’s gonna be a wild one (in a rated G way).


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