Bad Breath Birthday

(l-r) Daddy-o, Cara, me and Poch, who rarely ever smiles in photos.

I love bagoong. I love it so much that I can make it papak. So, it was just right that for my birthday dinner with the fambam, I’d pick Bagoong Club on Scout Lascano.

Now I’ve eaten here about four times before and I always love their Bagoong Sampler. Clockwise from one o’clock: regular bagoong (my favorite), aligue bagoong (my second favorite), pesto bagoong and gata bagoong. Of course, those are not their real names, but you get my drift. My favorite is the bagoong that comes as complimentary appetizers. And bottomless singkamas – or to please Acky, TURNIP! I think everytime I’m there they get lugi because of my singkamas consumption.

So we had kare-kare (Poch’s choice), which was very malapot, you can barely see the ulam. It was good but too peanut-y for my tastebuds. The pusit was one of my favorites! It was kind of like pusit ensalada. I love ensalada so I really nom’ed this up.
My favorite of all time was the sinigang na pinalapot sa gabi (Cara’s choice). This was so delicious that I just drank the soup. I didn’t even touch the meat, I so wanted the flavor of the soup to be pure in my mouth. I’ve never loved sinigang as much as I loved this one, and that’s huge, because I’m such a big sinigang fan that as long as the taste resembles sinigang, okay na sa akin. Bagoong Club’s sinigang is just the right touch of sour with that twist of sweet that leaves you craving for more.

My favorite dessert of all time is also a Bagoong Club special. I didn’t get a good photo, I was so eager to gobble it down. It’s the pastillas de leche cheesecake. So rich and creamy that I felt like I was in heaven. It’s such a best-seller that I had to reserve two orders when I made table reservations.
Sigh. How hard it is to diet when there’s so much good food to go around.


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