Three parties in one day – my most celebrated birthday ever

On my actual birthday, I was woken up by knocking on the door. Disoriented, I found thirty roses for thirty years from a special person.

Then, was late for work because of my styoopid allergies. As in 7 minutes late so that’s counted as half day deduction. Boo.

BUT, for lunch, I had a late lunch (and 2nd lunch for others) with my officemates.

We spent the whole hour laughing and busting our gut. Thanks in part to our Jonut mascot, Rey. Here we are doubled over in laughter:

Family picture minus Mia, who we missed very much. She’s in a meeting with one of my many future husbands. J

(may cartoon character sa upper left corner)

My boss, Chiko! Who gave me this:


Then it was off to another celebration with friends very dear to me – Len and Cammi, my lifesaver!

Me and Cammi. I look like her mother.

Me and Len.

We ate at Ramen Bar. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time and so I’m disappointed to report that the ramen was not good. I know it’s not a proper comparison, but I so prefer Pho Hoa.

Grease-balls. My soup

Len’s soup, which was better. Seafood ramen.

Cammi’s ramen. I don’t know how it tastes like.

Cammi’s gift for me was a birthday cake – my second birthday cake for the day.

This was from Mary Grace. Yumm!

After Cammi, left, Len and I treated ourselves to my favorite milk tea place – Happy Lemon!

As usual, for a roots person like me, it’s Milk Tea with Pearls.

Then, pedicure! Because my toenails were atrocious! I forgot the name of this place but the scent of the place was so soothing. And Ate was a very good massager and pedicurer.

Then, to wrap up this awesome day, we ended it with some Saltik company:

I tell ya. This has been the most eventful, yet simplest birthday ever. I loved that something was going on every section of the day with people who are special to me.


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