Port 88 Shopping Craze!

I need to catch up on my blogs. There’s so much I want to share. Last week, I planned to hit the Port 88 Bazaar in MegaTent for one reason: Posh Pocket Shoes. I’ve been pining for their kicks since I fitted my bbf’s purchase.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. The styles I want were not available in my size. And even when I hightailed it to the Posh Pocket Shoes booth in Port 88 as soon as I got there (albeit mildly getting distracted by Fino and Sanuk), they still didn’t have my size. But I’m still super thankful to PPS because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have known about the bazaar, which completely blew my mind (and my savings).

I’m not big on bazaars because the last one I went to was devoid of good finds. So on Saturday, after beelining it to PPS and not finding anything, L and I started over and strategically combed the place. I loved that the Bazaar had a mix of small online business community and branded wares. First. Fino was there. I love Fino because I initially thought they were Italian, but discovered that they’re homegrown. Even in the malls, I’m able to come away with a few license or card holders as Christmas gifts. But the price cutback was huge at Port 88. A passport holder sold at about 500. Some wallets at 800. Then, there was Giordano At the mall, I felt that their clothes were to simple for the price they were sold at. So, when I found that their polos sell for P350, I bought a black and a white one. I’ve been looking for basic polos to wear with slacks at the office, or paired with shorts for a day with friends.

I was also loving “T” and “Charles and Keith”, with steps selling at 500 to 999, but didn’t find anything I liked. I loved that they were there nonetheless. Bagged two tickers for my dad and tito ben from Rudy Project at 1500 each. Kept going back to check out pretty sturdy-looking bags at Bags in the City Manila and bought two of their offerings. Then, L and I had to hightail it outta there to keep our 1pm hair appointment at Bench Fix in Galleria, but couldn’t help but go back on Sunday because the Khao Shong Espresso was haunting my dreams. L was itching to buy surf-inspired Sanuks.

That’s when we discovered Kangol hats for P500 each and Benetton overruns for 300. It came with a free shirt. Stupid me, I was so crazy-eyed over shopping that I forgot to take pictures.

Let me talk about the Khao Shong coffee.

I’ve been spending a lot on Starbucks lately because I’ve been needing a stronger caffeine fix. I feel that 3-in-1s have very low caffeine content and I can snooze right off even after a coupla cups, but this rare find at the Port 88 bazaar really does the trick! I initially tried Cappuccino, which I loved, but was won over by Espresso after the second cup. They’ll be gracing the supermarkets soon, so watch out for them. Imported into the country by Honest Ventures Corporation.


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