Today I ate for me and half of another person. That’s how good Pino food is

It’s about time I banished the lazy bug and get at least one blog entry in. I’ve tried many things in the past few weeks that I really love, but nothing super enthusiastic about that it’d beaten the tamad syndrome and make me write. Today, I remember two things I’ve really grown addicted to and 2 wonderful things that I’ve discovered. I’ll talk about one in this post and then do the other 3 later on, if the lazy bug doesn’t bite. Also, I’ve been inspired by M, who has recently added a bunch of entries to her blog. Her writing style got me wanting to touch pen to paper again.

**Disclaimer – Since I’m not a camera owner and I don’t have a Bb 9780 to capture the beauty of the things I love, I’ll have to settle for grabbing images off the net.

Let’s talk about Pipino. I have really been craving Pipino (the restaurant) since last week. As a post-birthday celeb for C, we hit the road for a late lunch at Malingap street. Okay, I was a little bit confused because there’s Resto Pino Bar and there’s Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino. Finally, today, I realize, that the place that I normally eat at, on the ground floor of Malingap Street in Teachers’ Village is Resto Pino Bar, which is one part of the Brgy. Bagnet food group. The vegetarian arm is called Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino, which is located on the second floor.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to business. Sissy and I ordered three entrees (I know. Shame on us.)

The one vegetarian dish we got, the Mushroom Salpicao (I can’t remember the exact name) is a favorite. My best friend once went on a South Beach diet and I totally devoured her tomato cup lunch. This version has brown rice sitting inside a raw red tomato, with a mandarin orange slice on top. Three tomatoes and 2-3 spoonfuls of salpicao-ed mushroom spell heaven. The gentle taste of sweet brown rice and fresh tomatoes, coupled with the salty sauciness of the mushrooms made for a delightful experience for my tastebuds.

Mushroom Salpicao

Photo courtesy of March 2011 issue of Appetite magazine

The Kare Kare Bagnet, I’ve tasted before with M and C and I loved it even more the second time around. The richness of the peanut butter sauce mixed with the crispiness of bagnet caused an explosion in my mouth. To keep the flavor from getting too overwhelming, a forkful of brown rice did the trick.

Kare Kareng Bagnet

Photo courtesy of

I’ve also tried the Gambas and Aligue Pasta with M and C before, but that didn’t stop me from ordering it again. Luckily, the Sissy’s eyes bulged with excitement when she saw the photo on the menu. (She seconded the motion for the Kare Kare Bagnet as well). Now, before trying this dish, I’ve come to have low expectations for any aligue-based concoctions in restaurants. Because aligue is a little pricey, most restaurants tend to scrimp on the paste. Not here. The pasta is thick and creamy and full-on aligue. Even the gambas bits were ample and not at all bitin.

Gambas and Aligue Pasta

Photo courtesy of

After three full entrees for only two people, Sissy declared her stomach’s surrender. I pouted inwardly and asked if she didn’t want to try the dessert. She relented to take-out, but changed her mind and decided to have a bite or two dine-in. It was halfway through the moist, melts-in-your-mouth Choco Tablea Cheesecake when she onced again waved the white flag but ordered a second set for take out. For real this time. I could practically see her eyes rolling to the back of her head in satisfaction.

Choco Tablea Cheesecake

Photo courtesy of

We left with our stomachs clapping and cheering in glee. I vow to return and taste all the dishes. Oh poor diet. Rejected once again.

Pipino Vegetarian by Pino

Resto Pino Bar

39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village

Quezon City, Philippines


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