A Love Letter

Before and After. Does he even resemble his old self?

I often watch my bunso Clyde, in wonder and amazement. Just like Max, he came to me unexpectedly. I was starting to grow more and more guilty about leaving Max all by his lonesome and started considering getting him a companion. So one day, I browsed through the net for affordable Shih Tzus and came across Clyde’s ad.

Can you spot which one is Clyde?

Of course, I scouted around with a friend, going to Cartimar and even setting my sights on a cute little Shih Tzu. I was debating whether to get him or Clyde, who was scrawny and nearing one year of life with the burden of an hernia. Clyde had several points going for him. One, I like getting dogs that are a bit older (as compared to the usual 3-month old pup). Second, I like underdogs (pardon the pun). Pogo, my first pup, didn’t even remotely look like a Shih Tzu, but he turned out to be Mr. Boy Wonder. Max had big bulging eyes that looked like they were about to pop out and uncharacteristically curly hair, but he’s the love of my life. Clyde, when I met him, looked like a drowned rat and had not one ounce of cuteness to him.

Excited to be in his new home

But, as I drove him to the nearest vet to check how acute his hernia was, he sat on my lap, made singa on my face (just like Max does) and settled in. It was like Max had whispered to him through the doggie grapevine, “If you want my Mom to adopt you, you should sneeze in her face. It’ll remind her of me”.

After the doctor’s visit, I took him back to his home where he lived with his sister and a bunch of birds and left him there for about a week more so that I could think about it. But you see, I just felt that he had already climbed into my heart and carved out a spot there. Today, as I watch him lapping up water from his water dispenser, I shudder to think what would happen if I’d decided to go with cute little pup from Cartimar. I can’t imagine not having a son who resembles a cow and spreads his arms like wings when lifted up high (he’s afraid of heights. I guess he learned this wing-spreading from his birdie friends). I can’t imagine not seeing his soulful face that pouts into the classic “puppy-dog” look that always makes you want to snuggle and protect him from all things bad.
Clyde as captain of the canoe

I love everything about him. From the way he runs quickly underneath the bed to seek refuge from me or Max, or the way he swallows with a gulp when he thinks he’s in trouble. I can’t get enough of the days when he’s in a pa-cute mood and poses for me when I have my phone camera in hand. I believe Clyde is heaven sent. Just like my adorable not-so-baby-boy Max. When I look at him, I can’t stand to think where he would be if he were not with me right now. Would he be happy? Would he be out tied in some garage, cowering in the corner to seek shelter from the rain? I can’t stand to think it.
Playtime with Kuya Max

I thank God that he’s here safe with me and his Kuya Max. I think God for creatures like Max and Clyde, who love unconditionally and are incapable of judgement. They truly are man’s best friend.


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