This Christmas was love, love, love!

Happy New Year everyone! Been wanting to post since Christmas, but something was wrong with my Internet. Blogger wouldn’t let me sign in as a different user. Anyway, this has got to be one of the better Christmases I’ve had in a while. My brother, Poch, and I really got to bond this season. 

We used to be estranged for some time, and before that, he and I were always bickering. So it’s great that we really got to spend quality time together. He slept over while Dad went back to their home in Manila after a simple dinner with my uncle and my cousins (his kids). We opened some presents, they drank, I was attacked by a severe case of allergies, then slept. The next day was the fun part. Poch and I went out to hunt for a grocery store that was open before and lo and behold! We hit the jackpot with Eunilane on Kalayaan Avenue. I never thought grocery shopping could serve as a bonding moment but it did. Then, we trekked home to bake some red velvet cupcakes and his specialty, chocolate mousse. 

I have NOT baked in a long, long while. 

Our ancient Kitchen Aid mixer conked out after the first few whisks. It’s been resting for half a decade and I guess it kinda got gulat that it was being commissioned to work again after such a long hiatus. 

Since Mom and Lola died, we’ve had simpler versions of Christmases, which I think, is how I like it best. From a house filled with 6 or so aunts and uncles, plus inlaws, plus 20+ cousins, to just a total of 7 of us, it was an adjustment, but fun nonetheless. For someone who doesn’t want any kids, what I’m gonna miss most is a house bursting at the seams with relatives during the holidays. So I hope my sister and brother are planning on having truckloads of kids so that the holidays will still be festive reminiscent of my childhood (selfish much? haha). This is a classic time of the year when I honestly do love to give more than I receive. I love how the recipients’ eyes light up if they like the gift we chose for the. 

Then, my sissy’s Christmas gift to me was a trip to La Union, my favorite trip beach of all time, so I was pretty happy myself. More of that in a different post. 


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