Wanna see a bangag dog?

Today, I got a small, teeny glimpse of what it feels like to be a parent. I know that many won’t consider taking care of dogs as being in the same league as having children. I would have to agree. There are so many more dimensions to rearing a child that are not present in caring for canines, but I like to think that to even to a small extent, I am a parent to my two boys, Max and Clyde.

Brave boy pre-ops

Clyde had his hernia surgery done today. He was born with this, and although it wasn’t really necessary to have it sewn shut, we were advised to have it fixed before complications arise. Luckily enough, Clyde’s condition was so mild that the only the tissue was sagging out of the hole in his tummy. His intestines were in tact. We took Max along for moral support and he even fasted with his little bro (not that he had a choice). Clyde first got his lab work done, just to make sure he’s fit for surgery. Then, the doctor gave him something to make him throw up. To make sure there were no food pieces in his stomach. Doc M then gave him pampatulog. She was laughing because she put him on the floor and called out, “Clyde wait lang ha. I-injection-an lang kita”. When she turned around, he was nowhere to be found. She also commented that Clyde must’ve been famished because when they shaved the area to be operated on, he started munching on the fur that started flying around.

I initially planned on just dropping him off. But while we were waiting for pre-ops, I felt guilty about leaving him in the cage, and, since the surgery was going to take less than an hour, we also decided to wait for him so that he’d be able to see us while wading through the anesthesia. When Doc M. carried him out, I felt like one of those mothers in hospital movies, like Grey’s Anatomy (which I just finished watching, by the way). She was carrying him like a baby, and even offered him to me, just like a nurse would to a new mother. He was still pretty groggy from the drugs and kept jerking his head side to side, eyes glazed over and tongue sticking way out. Despite the circumstances, it was a funny sight.

Doc May cradling the newly operated on Clyde

Still high from the meds, I try to help him fight off the meds

Take advantage. He normally wouldn’t let him kiss him on the mouth

Pinagtritripan na namin si Clyde

We stayed around to rouse him  from the cloudiness of the medication, and left right before he was completely lucid so that he won’t register seeing us leave. As I held him in my arms for that hour or so, I once again, felt this burst of overwhelming love for my dogs. I know some people will find it silly, or even be insulted, to compare dogs with babies, but I really felt a sense of completeness with M and C. They really do make life so much brighter. Can’t wait to be with Clyde again. I miss him already. Had my VISA been approved, how would I have lasted a month away from my babies?

Here’s a short video of Clyde at his most high. 🙂


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