My Pwet Pillow

I’ve made a discovery. I like to call it my “Pwet Pillow”. The past few weeks, I’ve been suffering from coccyx pain. My officemates (two of which are guys), are starting to cringe everytime I mention it because, well, coccyx isn’t really the most beautiful word in the world. This is the first job I’ve had that requires me to sit hours at a time, day-after-day. I’m not complaining. I ABSOLUTELY adore this job. But I guess my body is revolting. My as* is not used to being overused. So these days, everytime I stand up from my seat, I groan in pain and yell, “My coccyx hurts!”. 

Finally, two Sundays ago, I came across this kiosk at Galleria, which sells tailbone pillows. For some reason, I thought they were priced at Php1,000, so I walked away thinking, “No butt of mine is going to get splurged on with that kind of crazy amount. Ayoko siya i-spoil”. But now that my butt has seen the possibilities, it’s been crying out for some cushy comfort. Last week, it put its foot down and practically screamed for the darned pillow. Still, I held my ground. I hopped myself over to Daiso (the Japan home store) which sells everything at P88 and picked up a pillow wrapped in bamboo mat and one of those curved, net back support things that you usually use for the car. 

I rushed back to work, excited to try out my new butt gear. Which failed miserably. I read on the net that I could experiment, so I grabbed a stack of newspapers and shoved it under my thigh, with the bamboo-wrapped pillow supporting my lower back. That helped alleviate the pain a little, but I felt so kawawa having to sit on newspaper the whole week that I finally relented and made a trip to Galle to buy the darned Mates Memory Foam. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pillow only costs Php 688 and came in pretty colors. I got the crimson, but they had it in black, navy blue, blue jeans and something else that I now forget. I got the crimson of course, but the blue jeans also had me thinking. 

To make sure I don’t waste my previous Daiso purchases, I still use the items to support my back. Needless to say, my pwet is very happy with its cushy. Yay! No more tailbone pain!

Here’s another rave review:


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