Officemate K was the one who  introduced me to Korean food. Although it will never beat the way I love Japanese food, I found that I crave this cuisine from time to time. On the way to my dogs’ vet (which is often), I pass by this restaurant called Bulgogi Garden. I told K about it and we’ve been dying to try it for some time now, but something always prohibited us. Finally, today, we trooped down to Kalayaan Avenue and gave this place a go. 

We actually went during lunch but I lost the photo of the facade. Swiped this from  

That’s K. She’s the Korean cuisine buff and she says that this contraption hanging over the table is an exhaust. She hasn’t seen any of those in the restaurants here, but they’re common in Korea.

The Bibimbap! I think. I never remember the names. It was quite a large serving. I loved it more when I mixed in the red paste (see photo below. The red paste is at 12 and 6 o’clock.) I was looking for the sushi-type food, but they didn’t serve it here. 

Quite a generous serving of appetizers/side dishes/whatever you call them. This is the best Kimchi I’ve ever tasted (at 5 o’clock). BUT, big minus points because they didn’t have dilis. The server said that they usually serve it but for some reason, it wasn’t available today. Which sucks because when I get refills at other restaurants, I bypass the other appetizer samples and ask for more dilis

At the end of the meal, this is what’s left. I really couldn’t finish it because my stomach was so full. And I’m a big eater. 

This is the best part of the meal. When we asked for the check, I was surprised that we were handed this drink. It’s cold ginger tea with cinnamon and the purpose is to wash away any aftertastes and the bad breath that Korean food usually leaves your mouth with. Quite timely as K just finished complaining that her mouth tasted and smelled like Korean food. She’d just asked me for candy when this arrived. I happen to also love cinnamon, so I enjoyed this. PLUS, I realized that I can drink this whenever I have a sore throat. I hate the taste of salabat but if I mix a dash of cinnamon, I won’t be able to taste it! My last cough/sore throat lasted longer than it should’ve because I refused to drink ginger tea. Now, problem solved. This is called a Sojungwha.

Happy camper drinking Sojungwha. Oh. And the Bibimbap costs Php 250 for those interested.

Bulgogi Garden is on Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City. 


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