Beach Bliss Foodie Friday

I love the beach. It’s my happy place. But, my last beach experience, left me grumpy because the place we stayed in was just…ugh. This time though, we stayed at San Juan Surf Resort, which I found out was formerly known as Surf Camp. My first time at LU, I stayed here and I absolutely loved it. The place is well kept and affordable. They serve good food (food so good that I had their sinigang na hipon two days in a row. But, more on that later.) and have the best view on the strip. Their clientele was also to my liking. No rowdy, noisy, inconsiderate guests here. 

Beautiful San Juan Surf Resort formerly known as Surf Camp

Started the day with breakfast to pass the time. We left Manila at 2am and got there at 7am. At one point, I had to make a stop over at Hacienda Luisita to nap for half an hour because I had no sleep at all. I almost dosed off at the wheel like, three times. Food at SJSR is not bad at all. I had German sausage for breakfast but wish I had L’s Vigan longganisa instead. Then waited the next few hours for our room to become available. We left MNL early because the last time C. and I went in December, Pangasinan and La Union were traffic. I did not have to deal with that again. 

Momm-ey, let’s go. What are we waiting for?

To kill the time, I inflated M. and C.’s canoe. Which they barely used anyway because the waves were too strong. 

M. getting impatient. “What’s the hold-up, Mother?!”

Check-in was at 1pm so then we had some lunch. I ABSOLUTELY love SJSR’s Sinigang na Hipon that I am literally naglalaway remembering the taste of this dish. There is only one place I’ve had Sinigang na Hipon so savory, and it was at our company’s farm. This was the right mix of tangy and salty. It was so sumptous that I had this again for lunch the next day. The serving was quite large for Php200. Two people can eat this and they did not scrimp on the shrimps. I loved this so much that I consumed the rice and the shrimps even if I was bursting. And when I was so full that I could not slurp any more soup, I considered having them put the soup aside for later that day or the next day.

Here’s C. with his funny butt-up-in-the-air pose. We have no idea why he sleeps this way

Dinner time was crab and corn soup for Php150. We were like, “Php 150 for a bowl of soup?!? Are you kidding me?!?”. But we were craving it so much that we ordered it anyway, along with lechon kawali. Turned out, even after two servings of the soup EACH, there was still a lot left in the pot. Very sulit!

Sorry no beach pics yet. They’re still in the other camera, which L has not uploaded yet. Beach photos need to be accompanied by a special entry all on its own. Will do that in a day or two. After dinner, we hit the sack as, like I said, I had no sleep at all. Look who curled up beside me. Awww. 


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