Always A Beach Babe

In my previous entry, I mentioned that I would save a special entry about my love for beaches. Ironically, lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve outgrown the beach. And yet, everytime I set foot on those sandy shores, my heart fills with peace and happiness and I realize that I will never be too old for paradise. 

This is my favorite thing about the beach. I like the ruggedness of being by the seaside. I don’t have to take a shower more than once a day, no matter how hot it gets, because when the heat becomes unbearable, all I have to do is wade into the ocean. 

Look how stringy and rough my hair is here. This is just about the only time that I like the texture of dried hair. I love that I know that the strands are stiff and peppered with sand and salt from the water. 

I love the scent of my skin – a mix of saltwater, sweat and sunblock. I always say that I wish you could take the scent of the ocean and bottle it to make a perfume. No matter what any perfume brands say, no one has been able to capture the exact scent of the ocean. After I’ve dried under the sun following a swim, I love the microscopic beads that stick to my skin. 

Can you tell that Max loves it too? 

Here, he is conked out on my legs after battling the waves. 

Although we spend most of the day out in the sun, sand and surf, accommodations play a huge role in making my beach trip pleasurable.I’ve been staying at San Juan Surf Resort almost every time I go to La Union, but it’s my first time to try the bungalows, priced at roughly P1700 for four people. 

I like it because it’s roomy, and is one of the rooms nearest to the beach. Off those tables and chairs is the beach! Clyde and Max like to “muni muni” on the porch every morning. 

Max actually wakes us up very early and starts knocking on the door, asking to be let out so that he can “muni muni”. 

Then we hit the beach. Because Max is a slow one, we can unleash him and he can’t go very far without us catching up to him. 

Gnarly dudes!

Look at that grin!

Max also loves a good SAND-wich.

Clyde, on the other hand, has to be kept on a short leash as eh can sprint like the wind and will leave us panting in his trail, eating his dust. 

Another thing that I love doing on the shore is to lie down, face turned to the sun or on my tummy,  and letting my mind wander while the wind caresses my face and the sun warms my skin. It’s the most soothing and comforting feeling in the world. Aaaand… it’s also tons of fun to watch beginners learn to surf – and wipe out.

And watch the experts do their thang. Yup, that’s River, champion surfer and owner of San Juan Surf School Luke Landrigan’s canine. Look how he owns that board!

But Max and Clyde’s got their own sea skillz… canoeing!

Then after a fulfilling day lounging around on the beach, we come home to this. 

I love this photo. I love that Clyde is snug and cozy against me. 

So yup. I feel my best at the beach. My worries slip away and I remember how great God is for creating such a wonderful place. Best spent with man’s best friend. 


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