Vets in Practice is my wonder vet

For those of you who are Facebook friends and see my posts or Tweets (krissymaxclyde), you’ll know that what’s consumed me the past few days is Clyde’s illness. About four weeks ago, his appetite started to diminish, until he would go two-three days without eating at all. His tail was always between his legs and he was so matamlay. He has a vet nearby and I love his doctor to death because I see how much she loves him and Max, but after the third week of not being able to pinpoint what was wrong with him (she initially said pest control poisoning, but after two weeks of treatment he was still not eating regularly). These past weeks, I’ve been getting a nagging feeling to bring him to Vets In Practice along Maysilo Circle in Mandaluyong, but was hesitant because it was so far. I mean what was the point of bringing him there now, if I’ll eventually have to go to his old one for emergencies. But, I figured, no sense thinking about the future or thinking about emergencies when there may not even be one (God did say not to worry). I figured, I can go to VIP for difficult cases and then to their old vet for emergencies and then just transfer to VIP once they’ve stabilized (yes, I’m a worry-wart that way). 

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So. I took Clyde to Doc Marga and was floored! She was absolutely amazing! 

First of all, I liked that I felt like I was talking to my physician. She was wearing a white doctor’s coat during my first visit, and a green doctor’s uniform on my second visit. She was very thorough in explaining what could be wrong with Clyde and she really expanded Clyde’s check-up to eliminate any other ailments that he could be suffering from. She took lab tests that cost an arm and a leg, but it was worth it because she found out that Clyde was anemic and that he had high protein content in his body, but he could not absorb it. She gave him a shot for it, which he has to have 2x a week for two weeks (my wallet is sobbing), but MAN! The results were immediate! Come that evening, he was munching happily on his food. But, I had to stimulate his appetite by force feeding him a squash with fish and chicken puree. Sounds gross, I know. I felt like a real mommy feeding her son Gerber food because it took me an hour and a half to feed him a whole cup. But when I put him back down in our room, he started nibbling on Max’s kibbles, which brought me great relief. After that, he’s been eating normally. 

The next Saturday, I brought Max in along with Clyde and I learned more about Max. What was most amazing was that when she started checking his teeth, he started getting aggressive. One thing you have to know about Max, he will snap and nosh at your hand if he doesn’t like you or what you’re doing. Even I get bitten. So while my heart rate started to quicken and I was trying to tell Doc Marga that Max can be difficult with a weak, “Doc, I have to warn you, he can be….” she’s already addressing Max with a firm, “Ay don’t do that. I don’t like that. I’m just gonna check your gums”. She said it in such a way that Max immediately stopped his antics and let her check his teeth. Heck, even I was tempted to whimper in submission, she was that good. (The dog whisperer of the Philippines, Jojo Isorena, is a colleague, I believe). I was so enamored by her because she cooed and ahhed over Max and his curls, and really made Clyde lambing. I felt like she was caring for them like they were her own dogs. But, what I really loved about her is that she strove to get to the cause of Clyde’s ailment and made him better. I was sleepless wondering why he wouldn’t eat, and worrying myself sick over him because we couldn’t find any answers to his sudden lack of appetite. During our first visit, she really spent time with me and Clyde – over an hour – to make sure that she ruled out whatever needs to be ruled out. AND, I loved that she didn’t need to treat Max for Erlichya even if Clyde had it. His old vet made them both get treated even if only one showed symptoms. If you plan to take your furry babies to VIP, ask for Dr. Marga, her husband, Dr. Nick, or Dr. Nielsen. I”m sure their junior vets are good too, but the first time that I went there for a second opinion, which was last year, I wasn’t really satisfied with the treatment we got from the junior vet. She didn’t do anything bad…it was just that she was passive and a little emotionless. I didn’t really feel any comfort from her. Maybe because she was young, I don’t know, or had too many patients or her hands, but Dr. Marga made me feel like my dog was so important. I kind of felt like I was in a pediatrician’s office, having my human kid treated, and I loved that because to me, my dogs are people too. 

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  1. Hi my puppy was not eating for 2 days. I brought her to vip. I was given to doc arthur. He suggested for intraveneous dextrose. He made me disappointed though because ge keep on telling that the survival us 50-50. Please help me. Demi my puppy is on vip until now.


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