On social media and Magnum. And roast beef and lechon.

If I were a college student, I could probably do a thesis on this. But at the time, SARS yung uso.  Our topic was how critical crisis communications was in managing the scare that would follow a disease as viral as SARS. 

Enter Magnum Ice Cream. I know lots of people get annoyed when something is talked about non-stop – in social media speak: trending. But, hey. It works. People all over the place are talking about Magnum, trying it, eating it. Sa lagay na yan, wala pang TVC yan. I don’t think I’ve seen a single commercial. Print ad, maybe, though I wouldn’t know as I no longer read the papers. I get my news on TV or online. 

So what is this post about? Social Media or Magnum? A little bit of the former, but just a tad. I don’t have the energy to go into the power of social media. I’m sure you know how powerful it is anyway. But mostly of the latter. I’ve been eating Magnum for dessert the past two days, and was actually tempted to have two in one hour, but wisely decided against it. Grateful that I did, because my pants reminded me today that I’ve been gaining more weight than ever.

Anyway. My favorite is Chocolate Truffle. It’s dark enough but not too bitter. I love the coating better than the actual chocolate. This is a total chocolate-lover’s dream because even the actual ice cream bar is chocolate, whereas the other two variants have vanilla bars. The perfect last touch to a yummy meal of roast beef or lechon, which I get at the local Rotisserie in SM Hypermart at Eton Centris. Okay, I’m officially hungry and it’s only 9:05. 


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