Hindi ako plastic

You know how some people don’t have a thing for sports? Or some aren’t into a certain genre of music? Well I was indifferent towards the environment. I had no interest in it and was not familiar with the terms. 

So when I went about planning PascualLab’s CSR program, I was kind of stumped on how to plan out the Environmental action plan. Good thing we just engaged in a partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) so I bugged them about all things green. But, ofcourse, I also had to do my own research. Alas! The girl who used to throw things out of the car window, then justify it with, “Mag l-litter ako para may trabaho ang mga Metro Aide” was gone. After all my research for our first environmental activity for the year, “My One Thing”, I learned so much and became almost obsessive about the use of plastic. Did you know that plastic is never really fully recycled? The process costs so much that it’s more beneficial to plastic-producing companies to make them out of scratch. Plus, like Styrofoam, they’re not biodegradable. It is around way past our own expiration dates as humans. 

At PascualLab, we enforced a “‘Di Ako Plastic Fridays” campaign wherein we are encouraged to bring reusable (read: Tupperware or Lock ‘N Lock) food and beverage containers instead of asking the concessionaire to put takeaway food in plastic bags.  This being our first Friday to practice this, I drove through Jollibee at 6.30am to get breakfast and asked to have my meal transferred from a Styro container to a carton one. Then at lunch, I had them do the same, but I couldn’t order a drink because the drinks come in plastic cups. I had to have them pour the sauce on my ulam right then and there because the sauce container was made out of plastic. I was thinking, “This is insane! Look at the amount of plastic we use. It’s like we can’t live and breathe without it”. 

Going back to “My One Thing” Hour, which concept we borrowed from WWF’s My 1 Thing.
 The concept is that each individual must pledge and commit to only one thing to help the environment. Not two things, not three things, but just one thing. Why only one thing? Because sometimes, in our intention and excitement to do good, we list down so many things but end up spreading ourselves too thin. One thing is feasible and sustainable. Adapting it at PascualLab, we tweaked it a bit so that instead of per individual, which is almost impossible to monitor on a corporate level, we did it per department. This was also my first event to stage, so I was pretty obsessive and nervous about it the past two weeks. Every night, I was begging God for things to go smoothly.
Here are a few snapshots from the event:
Look that’s our new logo! The first logo I ever helped work on strategically . Of course, lead by Mr. A. Ferreria.

Musical Tree Trivia

The tree I painstakingly made during one episode of Walang Hanggan. Design courtesy of  Mr. A. Ferreria

I am no longer nervous when it comes to public speaking. But I was so windang here because I was leading the activity. When they called me, I was scrambling to look for the prizes. I still cringe thinking of how kalat my speech was. Sa lagay na yan may kodigo pa ako.

Our very kwela host, Mr. R.A,  “planting his department’s seed”

Hindi ko sya ma, rotate. Weird because I uploaded it already rotated, but for some reason, ayaw kumagat. Anyway, the mechanics is that they plant their “seeds” and then every month, they have to make a report, which they will write on apple ornaments. As the months pass and we near the end of the year, the apples will rise higher until it reaches December, where the fruits should reach its full growth. 

I’m actually quite blessed that I have this opportunity to learn about how to be gentler with our Earth, and at the same time, encourage others to also be more environmentally-conscious. Personally, I pledge to bring a food and beverage container whenever I get take-out and to be more religious about using my eco-bag. What about you? What do you plan to do to save the Earth? 


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