Spa-licious Pampering at Nail Tropics

If there’s one major stress buster I can’t do without, it’s getting a mani-pedi. I’m constantly on a quest to find the perfect one. So far, I’m loving Nail Loft on Scout Gandia, Luxe Nail Spa in Galleria (look for Sara, she’s the best) and Tinette’s in the Fort. The first is my go-to nail spa. Best price for good quality. Near my place too. Luxe is great, a bit more expensive, but well worth it. Problem is, I rarely don’t get to go as it is in Galleria. Tinette’s is pricier but their manis last a full week to two. Too far now that I work near my house, so haven’t been there in ages.
The other day, while running errands for work, I passed by Nail Tropics on the third floor of Trinoma, near the Mindanao parking exit. Took a look and saw two rows of comfortable lounge chairs and this colorful array of polish. I instantly had to try it, but had to get back to work. Last Friday, after work, I felt like some pampering so I made a reservation (they fill up fast on weekends).
I had such a difficult time choosing a shade for my nails, there was so much to choose from! I settled into this lounge chair, which had this rich brown pashmina that I simply wanted to own. Soothing Enya-ish music was playing in the background, which I absolutely feel should be the law in every spa place. No instrumental love songs. Just the sound of water trickling or the breeze gently whistling in the air.

Wide array of nail polish colors and brands. Orly, OPI, Jessica and my all-time fave, Essie.

Me wanna take home this pashmina. 


Comfy wrist rest. 

The manikuristas were cleverly called “Nail Artisans” and everything had a native beach theme. The foot rests were made out of rattan, banig or something native-y like that.  I liked that they had these cushions to support your wrist as the artisans worked on your nails. And they had wicker baskets to keep their tools in. 

I wasn’t too happy with the way my hands were cleaned, but my Artisan painted nail color well. Nice and thin layers, no streaks. My foot artisan was the best and really got my toes sparkling clean. I think her name was Ellen.

They even had a dryer for the toes! That’s not my feet, by the way. 
Lovin’ this wicker tool basket. 

The whole experience then ended with a massage. Albeit short and quick, it was nice that they added that extra service. The prices were not too bad, either. I think I spent about 470 for a mani-pedi. With foot spa is about Php550. I’m definitely adding this to my list of go-to nail spas. 🙂

Check them out here:

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  1. Wow, looks nice! I like the toe dryer! That's what I think all nail salons should have. Will be going back to Luxe to use my Deal Grocer voucher in a couple of weeks. Will be sure to get Sara.


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