High School Reunion with my two fave HS girls

I never thought catching up with old friends could be so much fun. For one reason or another, I haven’t really kept in touch with high school friends, which was a big mistake. I missed out on the lives of two of my closest high school friends. T’s daughter E is my goddaughter, but I have not had the chance to meet her yet. M just gave birth to her second boy and is now married to K. They make such a beautiful couple. 

We spent the evening at Haiku, talking about the olden days (olden days talaga, haha). When I asked M how she and K met each other and she explained, I realized that I still witnessed a tiny part of how they started, but not quite. I vaguely remember M telling stories about the barkada she and K belong to, but that was it. And I regret not being able to be witness how one of my closest high school friends met her soulmate. Same as I regret not getting to see my goddaughter grow up. 

M, T and Me! with K taking the photo. 🙂

I used to say that I left high school and never looked back. Now, hearing their stories about how they still keep in close touch with our other classmates, I wish I did. I only spent two years at SSC, and seeing as that I’m a shy girl, it took me some time to warm up, so I always felt like an outsider. My second and last year there, I was in an all-consuming, unhealthy relationship that kept me out of the radar. 

BUUUUUT, the great thing is that it’s not too late. 🙂 I look forward to many more catching-up sessions with these two girls. 🙂


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