Purple Groom Salon – Clyde’ s Grooming Experience

Time to get Clyde groomed! With this insanely sweltering heat, I think it’s practically torture for Clyde to have long hair. I’m a bit wary of grooming salons for dogs as I twice witnessed the groomer hurting (read: spanking with a metal comb) Max at two different places. Needless to say, I’ve been on the lookout for groomers who are humane to animals. 

Last week, I was having my car fixed near one of the salons where Max was hurt. It was pretty near my place and I chatted up one of the attendants there and told her about the incident. She symphatized with me and said that perhaps that groomer left the store already. So when it came time to have Clyde groomed, I figured I could try that salon again. But, when I came in today, the girl who was there when Max was hurt was on duty, along with the kind attendant I recently met. The other girl was quite hostile with me (sya pa talaga may gana maging hostile after what they did to Max) so I left without any fuss and headed over to Purple Groom on Katipunan. This is the second out of the third salon on my list of decent groomers. I first found out about them on one of those coupon sites. Their fees are a hundred cheaper and the owners are pretty hands-on. There were no lines (but of course I can’t expect that to be the norm) and they work pretty quick. They were done within an hour, which I wasn’t accustomed to as I usually have to wait 2-3 hours for my dogs to be ready. Plus, the groomers are really friendly. I was also promised that my dogs would not be harmed and that they would rather give up midway than hurt a hostile dog (Max had traumatizing experiences in the past). Clyde’s an easy dog to handle with no trauma so I didn’t expect any trouble. Plus, the place was infused with a calming scent that kept the place smelling fresh. 

Everything purple!

The groomers are captured on video so that you can see what they’re doing through a monitor. I love the transparency. Some places ask me not to watch as the dogs get antsy. Those are the same places that hurt Max. 

Clydie getting groomed. Behave boy yan eh. 

Lovin’ the look of that tub! 

Post groom. I chose semi-kal so that his hair will take longer to grow. 

So payat because he hasn’t been eating lately.

Getting friendly with my turtle ornament whose name I forgot.

Purple Groom:
Jayme Chua 0917 568 9988
Branches: Tiendesitas, Xavierville Ave., Greenwoods


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