In Despair Over Clyde

I always said I could not stand to be a parent. I think the anxiety and the worrying will kill me! As some may know, I have to wonderful dogs that I care for like they were human children. Max has never been a handful, but recently, Clyde’s appetite has been waning, to the point that sometimes, it’s non-existent. Now they’ve both been battered with illnesses this past year with dog dengue or erlichiosis, but they’ve never had problems with appetite (Max still doesn’t). But a few months back, Clyde got really sick. He wasn’t eating at all. Even feeding him Chicken Joy was pahirapan. We switched vets, going to Dr. Marga, who co-owns Vets In Practice. She made him better and for awhile, all was well (except for one time when Max licked his paws into a bloody mess). But now, Clyde hasn’t been eating again and I just feel like I’m in over my head with this one. Like a parent to her human children, I wake up extra early to force feed him with pureed squash and chicken through a syringe (without the needle, of course). Now, I switched him to liver because in the middle of his food fast, I served him some liver muffins from Whole Pet Kitchen and he totally forgot about his self-imposed diet. But as Chef G is currently on a short vacay and I could not get any muffins for this weekend, I served him boiled liver. The first day, he ate it, albeit slowly. This morning, he also ate. But during the third liver meal (tonight), he didn’t want any of it so I’ve had to force feed him by literally sticking little bits down his throat (gently, of course). But it’s really taking its toll on me. I’m constantly begging God, on the verge of tears (and a tantrum) to please help me find out what’s wrong with Clyde. It’s like having a sick infant because dogs can’t really tell you what’s wrong. Finally, I gave him some pellets and he munched on some. But he couldn’t even finish his usual serving of 1/4 cup, which is really konti by my standards as it is as Max has a bottomless pit. His body is so emaciated na!!! 

Please please help me pray for Clyde’s permanent good health as I don’t think the stress of it (and my wallet) can take it any longer. Hay. 


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