I have not played posted in some time. So much has been happening! Really been busy at work, but finally have some down time. I’ve recently been really addicted to coffee, thanks to colleagues C and A. My favorite so far is Kaffe Caffe’s special coffee. 

Next comes C’s recently bought LaVazza. 

I also like Starbuck’s newly released Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. I’ve always loved Sbuck’s Java Chocolate Chip but found the CC a bit bitin, so I usually order an extra heaping. But with Mocha Cookie Crumble, the chocolate bits are just right. Smallest one goes for P165. Try having it “blended whipped”!

Recently, some friends and I tried UCC Viena, and although their cold coffee wasn’t all that great, I hear that their blended is pretty awesome. During my second visit for the week, I tried the Kiwi Strawberry Shake. 

This one was just delish! Hmmm… looking at that Cookie Crumble, parang I want one. What’s your favorite coffee brand? 


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