Weddings and Happily Ever After

Lately, it’s been weddings all over. About two Saturdays ago, I went to Tagaytay and Caleruega with a very dear friend to check out some sites.

Caleruega Church

Then, R. showed me Hacienda Isabella in Tagaytay, a very beautiful wedding and reception venue owned by a popular local songstress. Sneak peek:

Then, the week after that (last week), was the much awaited wedding of one of my fave colleagues, A in Punta Fuego. He was set to marry K., who happened to me my best friend’s niece (one of those pinsan ng pinsan ng mommy things)

I’ve been waiting for their wedding day ever since I found out that they were engaged. I knew how beautiful their love story was (and could somehow relate, albeit for me, it didn’t end in happily ever after) so I was ecstatic to see these two wonderful people officially unite in God’s eyes. My favorite part was the pathway lined with fabric banners that told their lovestory. At the end of the story was this spectacular sunset view.

All red-eyed from bawling after reading the couple’s love story
This photo, I grabbed from the couple as K and I already left by this part of the program. 
From A’s Facebook 
Sigh. What a beautiful celebration.
Then, a week after THAT (today), I got to witness my first Victory (Christian Fellowship) Wedding at the Mango Farm in Antipolo. What I loved about this was that the pastor was so funny. The ceremony was light and entertaining. Then, my most favorite part was the couple’s first (and I mean first) kiss. Pastor Clive said they had to kiss for 10 seconds and they happily obliged. Towards the end, S (the bride) giddily lifted her shoulders up and down while liplocked with her groom. It was sooooo cute.
Don’t you just love that backdrop? The wedding was set against that. 
Courtesy of V (in the coral dress) with the bride and my bestie, R. 
So many weddings! This September, a cousin is also getting married.
It’s funny that I’m so enthusiastic about weddings now, seeing as I used to be an unbeliever of marriage. But, you know, something’s changed my mind (no, it’s not a suitor, not a boyfriend. Just an excellent case study). I do believe in happily ever after, after all. That’s for another post. 


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