Chapstick Flava Craze!

You know those surveys that they have for glossy magazines (or newspapers, social media, etc.)? The ones that ask what you can’t leave home without? Well my number one is Chapstick. As in Chapstick the brand. I get unbelievably uncomfortable if I don’t get to moisturize my lips every now and then. I’ve tried many lip balms or lip moisturizers and the closest brand that’s ever come to Chapstick is Carmex, but the one in the pot. 

So when I heard that R was going to the U.S., I immediately asked her to buy me some Chapstick in flavors that we don’t get here. Here’s my loot!

I immediately opened them up and tried all of them at the same time! I’ve been using Chapstick for many many years, ever since my mom introduced me to the first-ever stick. The Original Chapstick. No other brand matches the level of moisture that this brand gives my pucker.  Wish they’d sell more variety here in the Philippines. Calling the Chapstick company!


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