Frightened at the ER

I woke up yesterday with an uneasy feeling in my tummy, and the day would turn out to be one of bonding with the toilet. By day’s end, I was still writhing in pain and making frequent trips to the loo. That’s when I found out that my cousin was also suffering from the same. So, in desperation to be rid of the pain, I convinced him to go with me to the ER. 

Now let me tell you that I normally luuurve hospitals. I love the smell and the buzz of the place. But maybe it was just Medical City that I liked because yesterday, for once, I wanted to be anywhere but. Due to proximity, we decided to go to St. Luke’s QC. When we entered the doors of the ER, no one attended to us and the place was jam-packed. First thought was, “Should’ve made the effort to go to Med City”. Then, the doctors seemed too busy to really attend to us. My doctor only thought of putting me in a bed when I doubled over in pain while she was asking me questions. The nurse put an intravenous line in my hand and popped a vein while at it. She had to call another nurse to get a line in. 

Now here’s the traumatic part. They injected Ranitidine to ease my pain and included some hard-to-pronounce-drug to keep me from vomiting (metoclopramide). I had no pillows so it was hard to get comfortable, and the ER was soooo noisy. But as the cool fluid flowed through my veins, I started to relax and somewhat fall into slumber. All of  a sudden, my eyes snap open and I am vaguely aware of panic rising. My eyes dart from side to side and I break out in sweat. I tried to place what it was that I was feeling – was it the symptoms of throwing up? Quite similar, but no. My heart was racing and I literally felt like I had to strap myself down otherwise I would rip out my IV and run crazily through the halls screaming. That’s when I placed it. I was having a panic attack. But the questionable part was why I was having an anxiety attack. There’s usually a cause for it and the build-up is slow, unlike this one which just shot up on me. It was truly one of the most frightening moments of my life. 

I managed to call a nurse and after checking my chart, he explained that the anti-vomit medicine that they gave me sent a trigger to my brain to dull the sensors that tell my body to vomit. In the process, the side effect is that it also affects other nerve endings, causing a person to become jittery. I was assured that the sensation would be transient, which it was, but I never did get the feeling of uneasiness out of my system until I was back home snuggled with my boys. 

It was truly a very unpleasant feeling. I felt trapped and suffocated sitting in that gurney, waiting for something to happen. I was worried that they would forget about me so I eventually asked a nurse to disconnect me from the IV so that I could walk around and follow up with the doctors. After that episode, I can truly say that I hate, hate the ER. 


2 thoughts on “Frightened at the ER

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  1. Oh noooo that sounds like a really crappy hospital service! 😦 I hope you're feeling better now. Did they find out what caused the vomiting? It sounds like food poisoning…


  2. Myra, it pretty much sucked big time. Clincher is, diba my cousin and I went in for the same reason? He was diagnosed with infectious diarrhea. Ako naman, acute gastroenteritis. I don't have hyperacidity kaya!!!


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