Oishii Washoku Desune!

My absolute favorite cuisine is Japanese. You can have me eat Japanese food every single day and I won’t get sick of it. I’m such a loyal Japanese food lover that whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant, I feel that it would be a waste to eat any of their cooked food. Aside from the occasional tempura, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will order tekka maki, salmon sashimi, maguro sashimi or any variations of such. This past Monday, M. and I met at Mangetsu because we my boss (another M) shared that it was a good place to dine. I also read on chuvaness.com that they have an authentic Japanese sushi chef, which added to the allure. I’ve read that service can be sub-par, but the female attendant we got was ok. Her male counterpart was a little unattentive, though. We asked for a tea refill, but he failed to give M. a cup. He was also a little brusque, but we had female counterpart with us more often, so we weren’t really bothered. 

Of course, we only ordered raw food. Their sashimi is SUBLIME!!!!!! It is incredibly fresh and at the right cool temperature. Now many people might not give notice to the taste of the rice in sushi or a maki roll, but to me, this is also a deal breaker when it comes to quality of Japanese food. It’s got to be the right amount of tangy and sweet (from the Japanese rice wine and sugar). The rice completes the whole dish. Even if the fish is fresh, but the rice tastes like regular old ulam rice, it won’t win points with me. 

Mangetsu, albeit a bit more pricey than other restaurants, is actually value for money. Nice interiors, superb raw food. 

38 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City, Metro Manila

Business Hours

Mondays – Saturdays
AM11:30 – PM2:00 (last order PM1:30)
PM5:30 – PM11:00 (last order PM10:30)
AM11:30 – PM3:00 (last order PM2:30)
PM5:30 – PM10:00 (last order PM9:30)

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