Another Good Doggie Grooming Find at Aroma Pet Grooming And Dog Spa

Around last week, this brochure landed on my desk. I remember passing by this store all the time as it is extremely near my place, but never paid much attention to it because the one time I checked it out a few years ago, it didn’t look as good as it does now. 

This past weekend, it was timely that Clyde needed a groom. So I made my way to Tomas Morato, heading E. Rodriguez to this:
It’s above Dom’s Party Shop

Once you enter that gate to the left of Dom’s display window, this will greet you:
And then, this:

Top view:

Reception area:

 I registered Clyde and signed this “Grooming Agreement” form. I like that they said they would stop grooming if the dog became unmanageable. You all know my Max is quite a handful at the groomers and I’d really much rather that they just admit that he’s too much to handle than spank him with a metal comb, like two groomers did in the past.

I totally fell in love with the interiors! I liked that they really thought a lot about the human’s comfort while we waited for our pets. I plopped myself on this cushy sofa and literally did not want to leave. Why? Because there’s free WiFi access. And free tea or coffee while you wait. Plus, loads of magazines to keep you entertained.
Or maybe you’d like to get a massage?

They had this promo. Get a doggie massage and you can have one too!
Lots of wares to spend all your cash on:
There’s even treats from Whole Pet Kitchen:
And a rag doll which I bought for my goddaughter. Proceeds go to a blind child.

Take a look at the grooming area with the white picket fences.

I later on switched to this sofa, which was much more luscious.

  Just love the decor. 
View from the door.
Then the receptionist asked me to choose which shampoo I wanted for Clyde. They had regular, oatmeal for skin rashes, whitener and a minty smelling one for ticks and fleas.
Wish my boys were girls so I could dress them up in these. But then if they were they wouldn’t be Max and Clyde. Never mind. I like them just the way they are.
While waiting, Clyde wanted to stay in the pink cage.

 Waiting for our turn took a long time, but with the mint-scented air, classical music and free WiFi, we didn’t really mind so much. 

Clyde’s turn!
Is Max bagay in a pink cage?
 They also have doggie portraiture services. This is too precious.

This Snoopy phone is so cute! When it rings, Snoopy starts playing his sax!

View from the couch.

Oh so comfy!

New ‘do! The price is a bit steep – Php 600 – whereas you can get this done at Php400-500 elsewhere, but the human experience was quite worth it. 

133 Tomas Morato
(02) 2156878

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