Looking for the Switch

“A little boy went out to the backyard to play with a baseball bat and a ball. He said to himself, ‘I am the best hitter in the world.’ Then he threw the ball up in the air and took a swing at it, but he missed. Without a moment’s hesitation, he picked up the ball and tossed it in the air again, saying as he swung the bat, ‘I’m the best hitter in all the world.’ He swung and missed. Strike two. He tossed the ball up again, concentrating more intensely, even more determined, saying, ‘I am the best hitter in all the world!’ He swung the bat with all his might. Whiff! Strike three. The little boy laid down his bat and smiled real big. ‘What do you know?’ he said, ‘I’m the best pitcher in all the world!’

          Excerpt from Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential”

I had to re-read this to get the message. At first, I was like, “Huh? How in the world did he become a pitcher?” That’s exactly the point. Sometimes, our perspectives are so locked into one single box, we are so drowned in negativity, that we fail to see the bigger picture. God isn’t like that. He is bigger and better than all of us. Like a basketball coach watching from the sidelines, He can see things we, the players, can’t while inside the court. We only have on perspective while He is omniscient. 

Earlier this year, while I was still on fire for the Lord, this is how I viewed things. Everything had a positive spin to it. This situation didn’t work out? It’s okay, God has something bigger and better in store. There’s a reason. We don’t know it now, but later on down the road, as we look back, then we realize how that piece of the puzzle fit into the whole, finished product. 

I understand that today. I remember that today. Because today was a good day. Today, I was positive. Sometimes, positivity just comes so easily. Easy to grab and within reach. Some days, it’s a struggle. Something you have to dig deep for in order to get a hold of. When you’re drowning in sorrow, sadness, anxiety or depression, you forget how to turn on that positive switch. People say, “It’s your choice if you want to be happy or not.” Yes, that’s true. But sometimes, when you’re so down in the dumps, you have no freakin idea how to do that. And sometimes it will take some time. You struggle for days on end, figuring out where the heck that switch is hidden. Kind of like sometimes, when I’m at a new restaurant or a house I’ve never been to. Some houses have their light switches in standard places. By the door inside the bathroom, or right when you enter the room. Some houses, the switches are in unusual places. Like outside the bathroom or hiding behind the front door of the receiving area. But if you’re determined enough and decided enough, you find it. Because you have to. After all, how are you going to function without the lights on? 

It’s that way as well when people fall so deep into their ruts. You’re so lost that you can’t find that switch. That’s okay. What’s important is that you keep at it. Figure out how to find the happiness in life again. Look at things from a different perspective, like the boy in the story did. Search and search until you find it. Don’t resign yourself to the negativity. Appreciate the highs and fight the lows. Practice being happy. Eventually, you’ll fall back into the groove until it becomes natural again.

Disclaimer: I just typed what was on my mind, so forgive me if things don’t make sense or if the thoughts aren’t fluid. I’ve also been in a writing rut these past few months and I’ve learned that the only way to get back into the groove is to jump right back in, practice and practice until you get your juices flowing again. Like happiness. J


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