Squeals, Laughter and the Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Somewhere along the way, I’d grown detached to family. Whenever friends couldn’t go out due to family duties, I could no longer relate because I feel like my sister and I live independently. I’d grown apart from cousins and my own immediate family and for the most part, I felt like life was just about Max and my friends. 

But, yesterday, my cousin M came with his family. He was able to get some of our other cousins together and we ended up having a mini reunion. There were so many of us! And yet, this isn’t even half of the number of people we used to have at the house every Sunday.

Watching Kuya M take his kids around, pointing out to his kids where he and his siblings used to play made me really nostalgic. I miss family. I miss my mom and spending time with siblings. I miss my mom. Seeing Ate B and Kuya M with their kids reminded me of days past. The three wee ones were so close to their parents and it was a stark contrast to my familial relationships. When Kuya M needed to placate one of his children, he did it with kindness, patience and love. It was refreshing, especially when I see so many parents screaming at their kids, eyes wild with anger. 

Then all of a sudden, I could see mini “us”es running around the house, playing, squealing, all bunched up on the bed together. Whenever cousins would visit us in the States, we would assemble my pull-out bed against the bed I sleep in and get all cozy together. There was so much love going around. And I was reminded of how family is so important. How pleasant and joyful it is to be around bloodlines.  It was a bittersweet feeling, remembering the ties and yet, knowing that we all have our own lives now and may not ever get the chance to be together in one room again. 

Thanks Kuya M and Ate B, for that glimpse of the way things were and the way things could be for me. 


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