First Out of the Country Trip! Singapore Sojourn

There are two weeks left until my second out-of-country trip since living in the USA and I haven’t even gotten the chance to write about my first OOC experience. 

I have never traveled outside of the country as an adult. My last OOC was living in the US. I never really wanted to travel unless it was Europe or the States, but this year, some unfortunate circumstances propelled me to take the leap (last minute at that) and get a chance of scenery. 

Because I thought that I was going to Indonesia in October, I decided to go on the training wheels version of OOC trips and hit Singapore, where everything is organized and everything works. And everyone (almost) can speak English. My first tip for first-time OOC travelers is be mindful of the midnight hour when booking flights! My fare would’ve been about USD 163 if I didn’t have to rebook. I’d wanted to go home last hour of Wednesday to maximize my day, but instead, had booked 12mn Wednesday, which is actually the first hour of Wednesday. Which meant I had to be at Changi Airport at 10pm on Tuesday. Wanting to maximize the 5 day holiday, I opted to re-book to Wednesday, catapulting my fare to USD 255. 

Also, be aware that budget fares don’t come with check-in luggage yet, so that will make a dent on your final fare. I used Tiger Air, and I was surprised when I reached the end of my transaction and found that my fare ballooned because I had to add 20kg of check-in luggage. If you’re not planning to take home a lot of stuff, 15kg should suffice. And there are certain measurements to allowable hand-carry baggages so check the fine print. 

I’m very thankful to my college friend Mary for hosting me. I saved on accommodations because she let me stay at her apartment, which was conveniently located near the Hougang Bus and SMRT terminals. I love the greenery that surrounded her pad. If I lived there, I would’ve spent a lot of time on those fields just writing and contemplating about stuff. 

My uncle told me about an unlimited SMRT ticket good for a number of days but forgot all about it when I got there. For tourists who plan to commute their way around the country, might want to look into this. I did not get lost at all!! I’d made use of two maps that were made available at Changi airport. These were my best buddies during my whole 5-day stay. 

I also downloaded a Singapore map app onto my cellphone, but the data services for the pre-paid sim I got was slow. But it did help when I was planning my itineraries. I’d screen capture the directions when I had internet access. 

Tells you which is the cheapest, quickest and the shortest route

Plus, the bus routes were soooooo organized! Everything was so easy to decipher that it was difficult to get lost. 

My goal for the trip was to live like a local because I was soul-searching. So I went around and just tried to imagine how every day life was. 

But, I think this is enough for one post, so I’m going to save the rest for another day. 

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