Singapore Sojourn – First Day Chronicles

Well, I leave for Japan tomorrow and I have yet to post about my Singapore Sojourn as a follow-up to the first one. So let me run through it quickly.

I was immediately awed by the infrastructure in Singapore. The roads were so wide and clean and well-lit, and the cabs smelled so good. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over the fact that the cabs had debit and credit card systems provisions. 

My first day was spent with my friend Mary, who was celebrating her birthday that day, Saturday (her actual birthday was on the following Monday). 

First, we went to 313@somerset for lunch, seeing as we’d both slept late because we’d gotten in late. My flight came in at like 9pm or something. We ate at Marche and absolutely loved it! 

For people who haven’t been to any Marche branch, the set-up resembles a classier version of a food court, with multiple food stations offering various kinds of dishes, set in an Swiss Alpine atmosphere. 


As you buy at a station, you hand over a card that is given to you at the entrance, to which they “charge” your purchase. Move on to the next station and do the same. You’ll swipe this card at the cashier’s at the end of your meal to pay for your bill.

I, of course, chose steak, which went for about Php600. Not bad for a super juicy, tasty meal. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

We then proceed to the famous Orchard Road and just walk around, which is when I discover that in Singapore, everyone stays on the left side of the sidewalk. 

We proceed to the hotel, the name of which I’ve long forgotten – pitfalls of waiting two months to post about your trip. And prep for her birthday party. Later that night, we step out for my first and only nightlife experience in Singapore. 

Oh, wait, no. Not only. There’s another one that follows the night before I left. Anyway, so we head to the ever famous Clark Quay, where we hit up this club called Attica (I think). 

We stand in line and the bouncer goes up to me and says, “Why are you so nervous?”. My friends take one look at me and notice that I’m clutching my bag to my chest, like I do in the Philippines, where there are countless snatchers and thieves. They explain to me that Singapore’s crime rate is almost non-existent. Still, I can’t kick the habit and somewhat still manage to cling to my bag throughout the whole night. 


What I loved best about the night? People were soooo much taller than me! Here, even when I’m in flats, I still tower over people and my head sorely sticks out in the crowd. We head back to hotel at about 3am and finally fall asleep at 4am. 

Suffice to say, my first day in SG rocked!


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