Touring Tokyo (Ichi)

I had to take PAL for my flight to Tokyo because Jet Star wasn’t flying on my preferred date. Blessing in disguise because the PAL flight was almost the same price as Jetstar except that PAL had a hot meal, beverage choices, more leg room and in-flight movies.

I almost gasped at the leg room, only to realize that this was business class. Economy was still pretty sweet.

 Girl’s gotta love a charging port for her cellphone.

I was able to watch The Internship starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Was expecting to conk out during the trip but was too entertained.

The flight flew by in no time. Was mortified to see that my roaming wasn’t working (darned Globe) and Globe was completely unhelpful when I tried to contact them via Twitter. Well, they did respond, but since I only had wifi in the morning and evenings, I never really got to talk to them in detail, and none of their suggestions worked.

Wifi at Narita wouldn’t work either. That was, until I realized on the way home five days later that I should’ve registered or logged on via web. Thank goodness my friend, G, who was just in Tokyo a week before, told me about Globe’s epic fail at roaming in Japan and told me about pay phones in the airport (and just about every train station in Tokyo. Now how did they know that would be helpful?) But the smallest denomination I had in Yen was a grand. So bought this for Y157 to break my Y1000 and did a double take when the cashier dumped a bunch of coins in my hand. I thought I was being mischanged. Turned out their denominations after 1000 is 500 in coins.

Take note, when taking calls, I think Y100 is the minimum. Drop in the coin then dial 0 followed by the 10 digit cellphone number. I had to ask information as I was struggling to place the call.
Took the Keisi Skyliner to Ueno, where C was supposed to meet me, for a total of Y2400. But my suggestion is to take the Narita Express for Y3500 or so because it comes with free Y1500 credits on the Pasmo, their train card thingy. Which I think also works for other stuff like storage lockers and maybe even the bus. But I’m not sure about the bus part.

Waiting for the Skyliner, which arrived exactly when it said it would. Earlier even.

Used the payphone at Ueno station to call Cammile. And finally, we find each other!!!

C still had work the next day so I knew I would have to find my way around by myself. Tip to first-timers, take snaps of your route if you get the chance to pass by it anyway. This helped me remember find my way back to Ueno from our place in Tamachi.

Finally! Home for the next four nights. I absolutely LOVED and looked forward to the walks to and from “home”. I loved the feel of the biting cold on my face and the wind whipping my hair around. Sigh.

The tiny but very clean bathroom. Cleaner than some of the bathrooms at five star hotels I’ve been to.

Time to hit the sack. Tomorrow’s another day to tell. O yasumi nasai!

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