Touring Tokyo (San)

It’s a brand new day! I woke up early again, while C was still snoozing. While waiting for her to wake up, had these delicioso donuts for brekky! I looooove this slightly cinnamon tasting white one. The green tea was good too. Found some cinnamon ones here in the Philippines but it was a little soggy. The Japanese version was firmer but still soft and moist.  


On the way to the train station to go to Odaiba. Just looking at this photo gets me feeling the nice cool Japan air.
 Cool train station has this view.

This day, Saturday, we were on our way to Odaiba to hang out with FN, a friend who is stationed in Japan (he’s in the US Navy) and his friend G. We ate at a buffet called Decks in Odaiba (I had to check Instagram for the name. I’m so bad at remembering these places that I made it a point to ask C about them while uploading them on IG and using this as my reference.


It was raining and cold, just the way I like it, as we made our way over to see the giant Gundam figure. I heard it’s best to visit at night because Gundam tells his story and even moves his head. Took a couple of snaps…


And then C and I went shopping a bit at H&M (tops for Php350) and Old Navy (shirts for Php300-500) while the boys waited somewhere and bored themselves to death (haha, sorry bro). Then headed on over to check out Roponggi.

 Where we decided to get some sushi, ordered chirashidon, and FN ordered salmon wings (whuuuuut)

…and FN and I showed G how to suck a shrimp head (proudly pinoy, woot!) Sorry, the photo of FN was blurry. I had to sneak it in because he didn’t want his photo taken.

The bathrooms in Japan confused me BIG TIME. Too many buttons and the flushes were in different places sometimes. For example, this bathroom had three basins/bowls. Which is for which?!

There are two sinks, for goodness’ sake. In all the Japanese bathrooms, there’s this button which, when pressed, makes the sound of flushing. I asked C what it was for and she says it’s for privacy. Since the Japanese are very shy, they don’t like it when others hear their pee tinkling. So they can press the button and tinker in peace. I found that a little odd, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Here’s another quirky fact about Japan. Some clubs are not licensed for people to dance in. The place where we went to, called Green Land, was one of those clubs. Hamming it up for the cam, me, FN, C, and G. To get in, you must pay Y1000 or Php 500 or USD10. Not bad, since drinks are unlimited until 11pm. Because the train service usually ends at 11pm, people are usually done well before 11pm or stay out till the wee hours of the morning, until the train stations begin operations again. Whew. I can’t even imagine partying all night anymore. Oldie problems. Haha.So anyway, this bar was a “No Dancing” bar. C said that in some places, the bouncers and servers will really go up to you and ask you to stop dancing. But in this bar, I guess they were a little lax, because we were groovin’ and no one made us stop. But then again, it wasn’t like we were bumpin and grinding or freakin or anything like that. We were kind of just bouncing around where we stood.

Now, I am not a drinker, so I thought my money would go to waste in this place, but I managed to down two glasses of Shandy Gaff, a really tasty kind of beer that tasted like Cali Shandy or ginger ale. If they sold this here in the Philippines, I would be drinking this all the time.

Me with FN. Last time I saw him was in March so I was happy he was able to come out and hang with us.

On the way home, C and I were hamming it up for the camera at the train station.

But, before we head home, we hit Dean & Deluca, which only has a few branches out of New York, I believe. This is not researched fact but a slightly educated but mostly wild guess. I loved the place! So many other things to sift through (pastries, bread, merchandise), and the cappuccino was legit.

Love the Tamachi train station, which is very near our “home”.

And yes, before we hit the sack, I needed to have an onigiri midnight snack. No wonder I gained weight while in Japan.


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